Useful Potty-Training Tips You Should Try Out

Useful Potty-Training Tips You Should Try Out


Potty training is challenging. Each child varies on how they see potty training. Some parents find it easy to teach their child how to use the potty while for others, it might be more challenging. If you’re starting to potty train your child, you might be looking for some tips on how to make the process easier for both you and your kid. Here are some of the best tips that you could try out when your kid has started the potty-training journey.

Cater to Your Child’s Need

Some kids get scared or intimidated by the toilet bowl since it is too big and looks new for them since they don’t normally use it before. This is one of the common reasons why some kids don’t want to use the toilet. However, you can help them conquer this struggle by giving them a potty at home.

For some kids, the potty works well and they are fine using it. For others who don’t like the idea of a potty, you could install a seat insert instead on your regular toilet bowl so it looks and feels more kid-friendly. You could have both if you’re not sure yet which one your child prefers.

Accidents Happen

Accidents normally happen when potty training. Even if you’re child has already better bladder and bowel control, there are some instances when they get to pee or poop accidentally. If this happens, don’t punish the child as much as possible and try to understand that he or she is still mastering this skill. Just do some clean-up and move on, continuing with the usual routine.

Accidents are also common at night time, when your child is asleep and has less control with pee. If you’re still toilet training, you could place a bed pad where your child sleeps to catch and absorb pee. Spewy’s waterproof bed pad can absorb upto 2 litres so nothing will leak through onto your sheets, making it a perfect night time companion for toilet training.

Praise Good Behaviour

Reward system works well when toilet training. This helps encourage the right behaviours in kids and make them want to do it again and again due to the reward they could get. For instance, when your child has successfully used the toilet, they could put up a sticker on a chart or have a good reaction or hug from the parent as a reward.

Pick the Right Clothing

When potty training, always let your child wear something that is easy to pull up and down, like gartered shorts. This makes it easy for them when they want to pee or poop. If possible, don’t let them wear pull-ups since it still feels just like diapers.

Make them wear underwear instead so they get used to the feeling, plus they would really feel it when the underwear gets wet. You could also let your child go around bare bottom inside your home so it’s easy to monitor when he needs to go.

Different techniques work for different kids. Try out those tips mentioned above during your toilet training journey and see which one works best for your child.