Types of Boat Lights and Their Features

Types of Boat Lights and Their Features

Just like most of the other accessories you need to have on your boat, lights also play an important role. Lights are one of the essentials that will provide you a light for navigation, safely guide boat guests, and will make your vessel visible at night. You can fix lights anywhere on the boat and also mount them under the boat or on the console.

There are a few factors you should consider when buying boat lights such as the size of the vessel, safety needs, time of use, location, cost and wiring, and electricity needs. Apart from these factors, it is important to first have a clear understanding of the different types of boat lights in order to choose the type of lights that can meet your requirements. So here are the most common types of boat lights along with their features.

LED lights are known to have better performance than traditional lighting options like filament-based lighting. Some of their advantages are that they are efficient, have less power consumption, have less heat radiation, are brighter, and are more reliable.

These are available in different forms like navigation boat lights, underwater boat lights, flood and spreader boat lights, and strip and under gunnels boat lights.

LED Boat Navigation Lights

Collisions tend to happen more during the night when there is limited visibility. Therefore, LED navigation lights are very helpful in preventing night collisions. It is important that you choose high-quality LED navigation lights as well as anchor lights in order to make sure the boat is more visible and to increase safety.

Underwater Boat Lights

Underwater ledboat lights have now become more popular due to the fact that these lights provide more visibility in the water than the standard lighting especially for those who go fishing at night.

Underwater lights need to be installed. They can be mounted on the surface or inside the hull. Make sure you look for lights that are specially designed for marine purposes to withstand extreme weather conditions and last for a longer period. Apart from that LED lights also provide your boat an elegant look and make your vessel look magnified at night.

Flood and Spreader Boat Lights

These lights are normally mounted on a console and near navigation and used to provide light for dark areas in front of the boat. Flood and spreader boat lights are powerful, easy to install and maintain. You can find these lights in different voltages.

Strip and Under Gunnel Boat Lights

These lights come in strips and are made in a flexible form. A wide variety of LED light strips for boats and yachts are now available. Strip lights come in different color options and can be used for both interior and exterior of the boat to add to the design aspect giving your boat a unique look.

Proper lighting is essential to a boat. Therefore, make sure you choose the right type of lighting for each purpose so that it can ensure the safety of you and your boat while adding color and style to it.

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