Tips to Consider When Leasing an Industrial Space

Tips to Consider When Leasing an Industrial Space


People usually consider facts like the profile of the building, accessibility for the staff, amenities close by and the number of workstations that would fit in that building. Leasing of an industrial place is not the same as leasing a building.

If you are willing to lease an industrial space, you have to choose one according to your purpose because each industrial space is built for a specific purpose in mind. Such spaces generally fall under manufacturing space, warehouse space or flex space which is a combination of a warehouse with office or retail usage. Even a change of a smaller detail could drastically affect your purpose. So here are some tips for you to consider when leasing an industrial space.


Under this you will have to consider several things like whether your business has to be somewhere close to your customers, to your house or to your staff. Apart from that think of highway accessibility, nearest urban cities and also whether there are vendors and suppliers that have to be kept close in order to cut costs. First select an area you want your industrial space to locate and search for potential spaces as well as connecting roads to such locations.


You have to first determine your budget before you start searching for an industrial space. If this becomes difficult to handle all by yourself, the best option for you is to hire a professional for the job such as a commercial agent who focuses in rental and particularly someone who has a long track record with industrial space. The realtor will provide you with all necessary information regarding the areas you have in mind in terms of market rents, span of operating costs and also about the additional costs that may come up when fulfilling your requirements.

Access and Loading

If your business has loading requirements, you have to decide what type of vehicles would be used for that purpose and what type of vehicles you will be receiving products from as well. The type of transportation has a direct impact on a turning radius of a vehicle and loading access to the industrial space.

Square Footage

You will know how much space you need exactly and the type of floor plan you need if you are already operating in an industrial space. If you have no idea, you can discuss with your realtor and map out the kind of layout you need so that the realtor can advise you on the required amount of square footage. When searching for industrial property for lease Cranbourne is also a good area for you. You can also search online for more options for potential industrial spaces to match your requirements of your business.

Apart from the above factors you also have to pay attention to several other things before you lease an industrial space such as the energy efficiency to handle heavy equipment, ceiling height, parking and the ability of such space to aid the growth of your business.

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