Tips on Selecting an Owners’ Corporation Management for Your Property

Tips on Selecting an Owners’ Corporation Management for Your Property

An owners’ corporation is there to manage common property of a certain development such as an apartment unit. This will include common stairways, gardens, pathways, fences, walls, etc. The manager will have several tasks such as obtaining quotations for items that require repairing or maintenance in the property, preparing meeting minutes and agendas, distributing documents such as notices and minutes, etc.

Owners corporation Ballarat will look at the financial side of management as well such as preparing financial statements, preparing budgets, and paying invoices. They will also carry out legal duties such as arranging for audits and reports that are legally required. There are some tasks that will need the collective decision of the owners as well. These tasks will not fall the manager. When you are selecting management for the property, you need to see whether they are the right size for the scale of the property. You can check the websites of the management companies and see the scale of the properties that they are involved with. A smaller team will not be able to address the management duties of a large apartment with hundreds of units.

You should also check whether the management company is registered in the relevant authority’s register and whether there are any orders that are made against them. You need to speak to their customer service to get an idea of how well they respond to queries. Whenever there is an issue, there should be swift action taken by the management company. You need to be able to reach them quickly.

You can ask the manager whether they are available outside business hours and what their solution is for managing issues that occur outside of these hours. You need to know how they handle their responsibilities in an emergency. There are many owners’ corporation management companies that you can find so you need to look at several options before you select one. It is best if the owners of the property can decide on a set of criteria they require the manager to possess before moving into the reviewing and selection stage.

There will be different regulations in different states. So the owners’ corporation management should be well aware of the regulations that pertain to your property. It is best to select a management company that is in the same locality as they will have a better idea of the regulations. This way, there will be no errors and all expected modifications can be carried out by the management without delay.

When you have a local representative, they will have an idea of the general weather patterns as well so that they can easily prepare for maintenance tasks. They will know all the challenges they face in the area so there is no need to brief them about the new environment. There should be clear and accurate financial details available at any time when you hire a good owners’ corporation manager. You should ask how frequently they update the financial records and how they deal with the accessibility of information.

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