Tips For Creating Your Own Clothes


Shopping for new clothes is exciting we aren’t going to lie but it is also quite expensive when done continually. But the real question is what do we do with all the excess clothes that we do not use anymore or realized we did not actually like that much?

If you have decided you want to limit your shopping budget and work with you already have, here are some tips for you. Here are ways to create your own clothes without having to spend for the label.

DIY them

Sometimes all your clothes need is a little altering. You probably have tops that you would never wear as they are. But what if you shorten it, cut the sleeves and stitched it, to make something completely new?

DIY clothes are endless if you are a creative person who obviously has a little sewing skill to. This is a great way to upcycle old clothes which can be worn at home or casual wear. So instead of throwing away tons of old clothes now you can simply alter them to make something new.

Buy material and stitch them yourself

Do you know how much cheaper buying material and doing your own sewing can be? There are many shops or stores that sell plain material in bulk. These patterns are super cute and come in many styles and colours. If you want to start with something simple like a skirt, simply find skirt patterns that suit you.

Measure your waist and the length you need and try stitching it. It might not come out exactly how you like your first time but that is only because you need some practice. You will be having loads of fun stitching your clothes in no time. Here you are not limited to what’s sold in a store and create just about anything you like.

Get the right fabric

No matter how good your sewing is getting the wrong fabric can make your clothes look dull or in other words “homemade”. While there is nothing wrong with it, learning to pick the right fabric is a skill that will always come in handy.

The type of stitch and purpose of your clothes will be good guides as to how to pick the correct material. Some fabrics are difficult to run through a machine while others are relatively easier. If you are starting out find out which materials are easier to handle till you get used to it.

Learn different sewing techniques

Stitching the outline of a piece of clothing can be learnt quickly but learning some of the other techniques takes more time. If you want to start designing our own clothes it will be ideal to lean embroidery or the different stitches to design the clothes.

It can be quite addictive once you start but it is one of the better addictions to have. See your expenditure on ready-made clothes fall and a wardrobe of your own designs instead.