The Ultimate Guide to Refrigerator Problems

The Ultimate Guide to Refrigerator Problems

Being handy helps a lot when running a house. There are some issues that can be easily fixed while some require professional assistance.

The refrigerator is one of the main appliances in a house. It works around the year without a break, so you’re bound to find some issuestime to time. Common issues can be easily be fixed using simple solutions and listed below are some simple solutions.

Problem 1:  A leaking Refrigerator

This is one of the most common issues faced by many owners. A massive pool of water near the fridge or water pools inside the refrigerator itself can lead to serious issues if not addressed as soon as they are noticed.

The key to fixing something is figuring out the root of the problem. So, a leaking refrigerator is easy to fix because they are only a few causes,

The rubber door gasket is one of the main causes of water leaking from the bottom. This is simply because they aren’t sealed properly. Trying cleaning the seal and then part of the fridge that touches the seal. If it doesn’t work just replace it.

If it’s not the gasket it can be a clogged defrost drain or the drain pan can just be full and need to be emptied.

Problem 2: A Loud Refrigerator

Refrigerators do have a low buss but when it’s louder than usual you will notice it. If your refrigerator is especially making vibrating noises something is definitely wrong.

The first thing to do is to level your refrigerator. When you initially set it up you probably did level it but with time floors tend to sag so therefore you need to level them back. A rule of thumb is that in level fridge the door when halfway open should close on its own.

If it still makes noises, try putting a dense foam mat below but make sure its level. There are special mats that absorbvibration,and this can be handy if you live in an apartment and tenants below complain that your refrigerator is quite loud.

If this also doesn’t work, then there might be something wrong with the components inside. This is when you should consult a professional. If you have a Samsung fridge,get a specialized Samsung fridge repair service because different brands use different components and technologies.

Problem 3: Food gets Spoilt easily

The main culprit here is temperature. If the ice cream keeps melting or the milk keep getting spilt fast then you should,

First look at the temperature dials and see if it’s been set to low or extremely high by mistake. It’s no one has messed with the thermostat then check the gasketsagain for leaks and repeat same procedure as for the leaking problem.

If none of the above solutions work the check to see if the flow of air has been blocked by something inside. A stuffed fridge also has temperature problems due to the lack of space for circulation.

These are just a few common problems you can face with your refrigerator at home. Simple problems can easily be addressed but larger issues definitely need professional specialists.

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