The Importance of Notary Public Services in Legal Transactions

The Importance of Notary Public Services in Legal Transactions


Ensuring validity and authenticity is important when it comes to legal transactions and notary public services play an important role in this process. They will be an impartial witness that will verify the signing of important documents. They will also administer oaths.

Services of a Melbourne public notary include real estate transactions, wills and powers of attorney, business agreements etc. An important service provided by them are verifying the authenticity of identities and signatures placed on legal documents. When you go to a notary public to sign a document, they will make sure that you are who you claim to be and that you have a good understanding of what you are signing. They will also check whether you are signing the document willingly. This process prevents identity theft, forgery and fraud ensuring the validity of the documents that are being signed. Unauthorised signing is legal transactions can be prevented with the use of notary public services. There is an added layer of security to the signing process when there is a notary public and this can make it difficult for people to engage in fraudulent activities. When authenticity is not checked, individuals can sign a document by altering existing signatures or sign without authorisation. But notaries can detect signs of duress, coercion or undue influence given their training.

Documents that bear the signature

And the seal of a notary public are presumed to be valid and authentic in the eyes of law. And this provides tangible evidence that the document was signed according to legal requirements and processes. When there is a legal dispute or court proceedings, there is more credibility and weight carried by notarised documents and these will be more likely to be accepted as evidence. Notaries will make sure that the legal transactions and the documents comply with all the regulations, laws and procedures applicable. They will check the contents of the documents for accuracy and see whether they adhere with legal standards. In some situations, notaries will administer oaths and affirmations to the individuals that are signing the documents to make sure that they understand the contents of the documents and the implications of the transaction that they are involved with.

When it comes to cross-border or international transactions,

Notaries will authenticate and legalise the documents so that they can be used in foreign jurisdictions. They will verify the signatures on the document, confirm the identities of the people signing the document and affix their official seal or stamp onto the document. Many international transactions will require notarised documents. For example, adoptions, immigration processes, business transactions and other legal matters will require this. And obtaining notary public services will give you some peace of mind about the enforceability and legally binding nature of your documents. As a trained professional has verified the authenticity of your documents, there is more confidence in the integrity of the transaction. And a level of credibility is added to your legal documents with notarisation.