The Importance of Measuring the Ph Levels of Our Bodies

The Importance of Measuring the Ph Levels of Our Bodies


The word pH is not unknown to many of us, we all probably heard the term while in one of our chemistry classes back in school. pH is the abbreviation to measure the level of Hydrogen.

The pH scale goes up to 14 where one to seven is acid and seven to fourteen represents levels of alkaline. Much like the substance and chemicals we measured in a chemistry lab, our bodies too depend a lot on a pH level.

While some parts of the body contain more acid there is always a balance that the body needs to maintain. The two main ways of measuring the pH levels are through our urine and saliva.

Too much acidity can cause a series of health issues and therefore should always be managed. Our bodies are naturally wired with a buffer system to counter too much acidity but given our lifestyles with stress and unhealthy food consumption the battle is much harder. Here are a few ways acidity can be identified.

The digestive system

The digestive system is by far the bodily function that contains the most acid due to the fact that it breaks down food. It is completely natural but can too be affected by too much or too little acid.

Symptoms such as bloating, indigestion and nausea are common ways to identify it. The best way to diagnose the problem before consulting a doctor is to use easy Ph test strips. These are widely available and simple to use. If the results show a high acidity level you might want to consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

The nervous system

This is one of the most complex operations in our bodies. We tend to take the nervous system for granted but it is what makes us function. Every action from moving a finger to smiling is due to the nervous system and hence why its functionality is of prime importance. When there is a high level of acidity your body will start absorbing all the alkalizing nutrients that result in fatigue and tiredness. Mood swings and a lack of energy are two very common symptoms.

The immune system

The process of healing from a cold within a few hours or fever is due to our immune systems. The immune system keeps the body healthy and illnesses at bay. A strong immune system fights illness and heals the body and is crucial for functionality.

When the body is trying to counter high levels of acidity to draws out alkalizing nutrients such as calcium from other parts of the body. This weakens the immune systems and makes you more prone to flu and other illnesses.

Health of skin

Acne breakouts, pimples and skin blemishes can be reasons due to high acidity. It weakens the skin’s strength to fight off bacteria that cause harm and inflammation to the skin.

A balanced pH level is vital for the health of your body and a Doctor should check for any symptoms.

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