The Basics About Hydrotherapy


Have you wondered what hydrotherapy is and why it sounds like a great experience? Here are the most common questions regarding hydrotherapy and the answers that should work like a basic guide for a beginner.

What is Hydrotherapy? 

Also known as aquatic therapy, it refers to a therapy session that takes place in a heated pool. The overall effects of hydrotherapy on the body is quite amazing, which is why a lot of people are taking a plunge to it. Unlike what many think owing to the term hydrotherapy that sounds highly scientific, there is nothing complicated about it. 

Should you be able to Swim?

The answer is no, not at! The pool in which you would undergo therapy is not deep, nor is it large. Therefore, there is no need to worry even if you do not know how to swim. 

What Happens in the Pool

All you need to do is some light exercises. You can do them on your own. There is usually guide and training available at the pool if you want assistance with your exercises. If you don’t feel like doing any physical activity, you can simply choose to relax in the pool and do nothing. Sitting in Warm water should help your whole body relax while soothing your muscles and joints.  

For Whom is it?

Anyone can indulge in hydrotherapy, there is no restriction for age or gender. However, those with certain health conditions and requirements will experience more benefits from hydrotherapy than regular persons. Anyone recovering from injury, those dealing with long term health conditions, or anyone with certain disabilities may find hydrotherapy useful in terms of improved health. 

Side Effects?

The only possible thing you will experience is mild muscle soreness or tiredness, that too, if you have exercised while in the pool. Apart from this, there are no real side effects of hydrotherapy.

Restrictions Based on Medical Conditions

As mentioned previously, there are no restrictions where hydrotherapy is concerned. However, if one is undergoing a certain medical condition where doctors have imposed certain restrictions especially in where certain physical activity is concerned, it is important to mention it and provide evidence of the same at the time of registration at the spa. 

How to get Started

As mentioned earlier, there is nothing complicated about hydrotherapy. If you want to try it out, you simply need to reach out to pool owners/managers. At your initial consultation, you will be required to fill up a form or two where you will provide some details about your health along with your personal information. If your details are satisfactory, you will be shown around given a quick explanation on how things work at the pool/spa. You will also be guided on how to book your future sessions.

Bring Carers/Family

Those who require a caregiver for support, or just want some company, are free to bring these individuals along. However, some basic information of each of them should be provided in the forms, and charges for entrance will be applied.