Simple Step-by-Step Guide in Planning Your Wedding

Simple Step-by-Step Guide in Planning Your Wedding


After the engagement, you’ll realize that planning a wedding is much challenging than it looks like. There are plenty of things you need to plan out and consider, especially if you choose to do the planning yourself. You may find yourself looking for the best wedding checklist to help make things easier when planning that special day.

Not all has a long time to prepare for a wedding. Though some people have years to plan it out, others only have months or even a few weeks to do so, depending on the circumstances. Whether you’re wedding is in a few months or next year, here’s a simplified guide to help make the planning process less daunting than expected.

Decide on the 3 Basic Factors First

Before you skip into the details such as the guest list or wedding outfits you plan to wear, it is important that you decide first on the three basic factors as a start for your planning. These are the wedding date, budget, and the venue where you plan to hold the ceremony. It might feel that you’re deciding on them all at once because these 3 are actually interrelated with each other. For instance, once you have a date, it is important to set a budget first to know which venue fits it.


Once you had those 3 factors, the next thing you could do is to personalize the wedding based on you and your partner’s preferences. You can go more into details in this step – wedding outfit, guest list, décor theme, food, entertainment, and many more. See to it that you plan together with your partner to be sure that everything is mutually agreed.

Send the Invites

After those first 2 steps, you now have a little vision of your wedding. It is now time to send out the invites to the people on your guest list to inform them about the details of the event. You can do it personally with crafted invitations or just email it to them for faster communication.

Choose the Other Vendors

When you have your wedding specifics all laid-out, it is now time to select all the other vendors that are essential for your wedding. These are the wedding boutique, caterer, florist, DJ, and all the other staff you need to keep your wedding day flowing smoothly. Now is the right time to choose all the outfits needed for your entourage and even both for you and your partner. Check out Australia’s best for high quality and stylish wedding outfits and bridal veil for your special day.

Plan the Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

After all the effort you’ve done during the planning stage, having a quick escape with your friends is definitely a perfect time to relax. Plan out the bachelor and bachelorette party and be sure to set it days or weeks before the wedding day to keep everyone looking and feeling good during the day.

With this simple yet efficient guide, you can surely enjoy your big day with less stress from planning it beforehand.

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