Simple Dressing Tips for Breastfeeding Mommies

Simple Dressing Tips for Breastfeeding Mommies


Breastfeeding might be quite a challenge to many or most moms, especially the first-timers. Here are a couple of clothing items you’d definitely want to consider having in your wardrobe to make your breastfeeding journey a lot less challenging and a little more convenient.

Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are like the foundations of your maternity wardrobe. Even though you try your little hacks to make-do with your regular bras, with time you will see that it is just not going to work, meaning you are going to need loads more support than that!

Nursing bras are very specially designed to give you both comfort and convenience. They’ve got hooks, snaps, clips and sometimes, a range of features to make it the most comfortable and convenient thing you’d be wearing underneath your clothes. Not to mention that they can be stylish too, and offer just enough sex appeal!

Tank Tops

A lot of women find it a little uncomfortable having to open, unbutton, or lift their tops/dresses when they have to breastfeed. This is likelier in the very early days of motherhood when they are all ‘just getting the hang’ of it all. One trick a lot of moms have found handy is to wear a comfy stretchy tank top underneath a top, blouse or dress.

This ensures you’ve got more coverage even if you had to lift or unbutton your top layer. To allfirst-time mommies who find the breastfeeding business incredibly uncomfortable in the public, and feel exposed – this trick is just for you!

Opt for Button Downs

While some mommies would call button downs a big no-no, others might say ‘why not’. If you can quicklyundo your first two buttons like a pro (and the rest of your buttons remain done) amidst your bub’s frantic cries, you might as well call theses tops a staple in your maternity wardrobe.

Keep in mind thatit all depends on what you find convenient. If you are an ‘only-zippers and no buttons’ kind of person, you might want to look for other options that would suit you better. Checkout the range of breastfeeding tops at Soon Maternity here, and you’re sure to find a couple that you’d want to grab at once!

Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses never fail to become a nursing mom’s best friend. The crisscross designs are almost like they are meant for you hungry bubs, whether amidst a dinner party, or at a casual outing with family and friends.

To make sure you feel added comfort, make sure you look for those made from soft and stretch fabric and have no annoying accessories or attachments. Most of all, you need to make sure they are the right length – never not too long!

Don’t Put Away Your Bella Band

While the benefits of a Bella band are numerous through pregnancy, they continue to be amazing postpartum, too. Keep in mind that you are likely to be transitioning through a couple of waist sizes post birth, and the Bella band is just what you need through all the phases. It also offers loads of coverage of your torso, making it an ideal nursing piece you don’t want to get rid of too soon post birth.