Must-Haves For an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Must-Haves For an Eco-Friendly Kitchen


Having a sustainable kitchen is a great way to get started with an eco-friendly lifestyle. It is one of the most used spaces in a home making it really worthwhile to transform into an eco-friendlier space. It may seem overwhelming at first but all you need is a couple of swaps and changes to make your kitchen more sustainable than before.

Here are some of the must-haves you need to achieve an eco-friendly kitchen.

Wooden Cutlery

Plastic and stainless-steel cutlery are commonly found on almost all kitchens. While these cutleries are traditionally used in cooking and eating, it is actually more eco-friendly if you use wooden cutlery instead. Plastic and stainless steel reacts to heat which leaks out chemicals into the food you’re preparing. On the contrary, wooden cutlery are safer since it is all natural and doesn’t leak any chemicals to the food even when heated.

Glass Food Containers

Glass food containers are a perfect alternative to those plastic food containers you use to store food in the fridge. Plastic is known to contain chemicals which leaches to the food as it gets worn out with more use. Glass food containers are more durable and safer since it doesn’t have those chemicals. In fact, you could use it over and over again as long as it isn’t damaged or broken.

Glass also looks more beautiful and elegant than plastic containers which could add to the aesthetics of your kitchen. If you don’t have a suitable lid, you can use cling wraps to cover the food and seal it in. Be eco-friendly by using a compostable cling wrap Australia has some good shops offering eco-friendly food storage solutions for your sustainable kitchen.

Reusable Storage Bags and Wraps

There are times when you need to store food without transferring them into a solid container. Instead of using regular plastic to wrap food, you could use reusable storage bags and food wraps instead. They are washable and can be used many times.When they look worn out, you could also dispose them without worrying about its negative impact to the environment because they are made from organic biodegradable materials which are safe for the environment.

Compost Bin

An eco-friendly kitchen will never be complete without a compost bin. Instead of disposing your organic kitchen waste the usual way, you could reduce the amount of waste your kitchen produces by composting the organic ones. From food scraps, fruit and vegetable peels, and other organic waste, you can place it all in the compost bin to turn them into an organic fertilizer for your garden. Since it is compost soil, it doesn’t contain chemicals unlike regular fertilizers do, making it better and safer to nature.

There are still plenty of things you can add to fully transform your kitchen into an eco-friendlier one. You can get started with those basic items and gradually swap more of your kitchen stuff into sustainable ones for an eco-friendly kitchen.