Must-Have Wardrobe Staples for Teens

Must-Have Wardrobe Staples for Teens


When you’re a teenager, there’s a wide variety of options you could choose from in terms of fashion. Most likely, you are still exploring the different styles and fit to see which ones suit your look perfectly. Aside from that, your fashion would be constantly evolving because of the latest trends that are fun to try and experiment on. It makes sense if you still don’t want to settle and invest much on a certain style at a younger age because of the much evolving fashion sense you have.

However, there are certain pieces that are definitely a must-have during this stage. They are timeless and really suit a teen’s lifestyle in terms of comfort and usability. Without much ado, here are the best wardrobe staples you should have.


During this age, you are more active in moving around in school, libraries, malls, movie theatres, and all other establishments. Most of them are air-conditioned and not everyone is good with cold temperatures. If you’re the type who gets cold easily with just AC, an oversized hoodie is definitely one of the things you should invest in. You can definitely stay warm and comfy wherever you go.

Denim Jeans

Denim is really a versatile material for clothes. It looks good when paired with almost anything – plain shirts, blouse, polo shirts and more. Denim is also durable, making it perfect for frequent wearing. Choose one that perfectly fits your size so that it looks chic and not lousy. One that fits just right on your waist and slims on the leg part is a perfect fit. You can even choose from a lot of styles – from tattered, acid washed, embroidered, and many more.

Plain Tees

Although many teens would prefer graphic or printed tees over plain ones, it is worth having a few pieces of this wardrobe basic. Choose colours that suit your skin tone to complement your look. There are a lot of colours to choose from such as pastels, bright colours, and bold hues. Because they are plain, these shirts can be paired with almost anything.

Printed Dress

Dresses are not just for little girls. You’ll also need to have a few of these pieces in your teen capsule wardrobe because of its versatility. Teenage dresses can be worn for parties or even just on casual days, depending on how you style them. Printed dress is the perfect one for teens because it reflects the fun side of the wearer. Choose one that can be styled multi-way to make it worth it.

Everyday Sneakers

As a teen, you’ll definitely have a lot of walking or running around through your day. Keep your feet comfortable all the time by wearing everyday sneakers. They look great with pants, shorts, and even casual dresses. Go for neutral colours such as white, black, or tan so it’s easier to mix and match with your daily outfits.

These wardrobe essentials may look like just simple pieces but their versatility and usability is definitely worth it.

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