Must-Have Qualities of a Good In-House Lawyer

Must-Have Qualities of a Good In-House Lawyer


An in-house legal counsel is a lawyer or a team of lawyers working for one company, providing legal advice on everything that is related to their line of business. It could range from agreements with unions, contract with other companies, and all other legal matters that that company face.

Their legal advice is essential to help the company go through all those legal issues more strategically and with less hassle. Although different industries require different characteristics when they are looking for in-house lawyers, there are still those basic ones that make a legal counsel successful and more effective.

If you’re a lawyer seeking to land a position in an in-house counsel, you should possess these qualities as well as seek the help of a good inhouse legal recruitment agency to help you find the best company that suits your work profile.

Be Authentic

One of the best qualities every worker should have is authenticity. Be true in everything you show and do even in the workplace. Look for the manager that you feel comfortable working with and you think could also help you develop in your career.

Working with someone who clips down your skills and potential every day is not a good person worth working together with. Aside from bringing you down, it will also become painful later on when you push to continue working with them even if you dislike their ways. When you are true in your ways at the workplace, you can also encourage the other workers to show their authenticity as well.

Be Tech Savvy

Because of the changes in the work set-up and environment lately, more and more people are working remotely from their homes. With this, you need to be tech savvy in order to catch up with all the changes in the workplace. Everything is done almost online these days – from communication, seminars, trainings, and many more. Aside from being more organized, you’ll also need to learn how to use different project management tools to make working remotely online a lot convenient and efficient. You can become a really dependable in-house legal counsel when the company can reach you easily even when you’re not working beside them.

Build Your Department More

If you have a team of in-house legal lawyers working together for one company, it is essential that you build them up more as time goes by. It’s true that you’ll need to invest much time, resources, and energy to do this. However, when you constantly upgrade the skills of your staff and even yourself, your team can be able to handle more complex tasks and help provide better legal counsel for the company. The returns it can give to the company is definitely worth the investment that they’ll be spending in your in-house legal team.

In-house legal counsel is a very versatile field. But when you possess these qualities, you can surely become a good in-house legal lawyer that could make an impact on any company you team up with.

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