Making Your Car Go from Zero to Sixty in Under 10 Seconds

Making Your Car Go from Zero to Sixty in Under 10 Seconds


When it comes to the speed at which a car can go at, there are a lot of things that have to be taken into consideration. This is because it is not just the function of one component of the car that makes it go fast. It is the fact that you have different components that are all working together and are able to work together to make sure that the car power generated from the engine and puts it down onto the road in order to push the car forward as fast as possible.

Now the important things to consider here is that these different parts have all got to be able to work together. This point is important because improving one part of the car only will mean that the other parts either fail or are unable to apply the force passed on properly in its operation.

Tuning Up the Engine

When it comes to giving power to the engine, there are a lot of things to consider. This is because the engine itself has many components. For example, you can add a turbo charger to the engine. Or else you can add fuel pressure regulators to the car to send the right levels of fuel depending on your performance requirements. This why if you are using the car for a shopping run, you can reduce the input and when you want to do a drag race, you can increase the flow to get more power.

Tuning Up the Gears

The next step along the line is the gear box. You need to have one that can take the power output from the engine and make sure that you convert it properly and safely into speed. This is because you cannot directly apply the speed you have in the engine to the road without converting it with a gearbox.

This way, when you start, you have more power and as you increase your speed, the power of the engine is used for maintaining and increasing speed and not as raw power. A gearbox improvement is also important because the gearbox has to be strong enough to cope with the car’s power and also the stresses of racing.

Getting the Right Wheels On

Next on the line up are the wheels. These are obviously the point where all that power from the engine is actually applied to the road to make the car move. This is why the tires are so important. You have to have the proper kind of tires to make sure that they are able to take on the stresses of driving at speed and especially the stresses under breaking and accelerating.

The tires need to have the perfect balance enough grip for turning, breaking and accelerating while not so much that it causes drag. Proper tires also mean that in a race, when you accelerate you actually go forward fast and not sit in one place spinning your wheels.

These are the three main links in making your car go fast. You would also need to think about brakes because you have to always be able to slow down as well. But these three are the main components that have to be considered when thinking about making the car have more power and going fast.

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