Know More About Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid flooring is the most recent flooring innovation, combining the greatest features of both laminate and vinyl to create a hard floating floor that can be put throughout the home. Hybrid is made up of numerous layers of materials that have been crushed together to create a floor that is exceptionally durable.

Hybrid flooring is only intended for use with a floating system. Hybrid flooring Geelong blends the look and feel of natural wood with the best technological features of laminate and luxury vinyl planks.

Structure Of Hybrid Flooring

Basically, there are four main layers of this hybrid flooring plank.

·         Top Layer

This is also known as the Commercial Grade Wear Layer. The hybrid vinyl flooring wear layer has the same aluminum oxide surface as a laminate. This wear layer combines the same dent, stain, UV, and scratch resistance that has made laminate such a popular consumer option. Instead of a conventional mil vinyl wear layer, most hybrid floors will have an AC rating associated to them.

·         Print Layer or Design Layer

The design layer will have the same realistic textures and styles as the lamination layer. You can get a genuine wood look with hand scraped texture or a slate finish stone effect.

·         Waterproof Core

A hybrid vinyl floor will feature a hard-core construction, which adds stability and dimension to the floor. This gives hybrid floors a solid feel and allows them to endure rapid temperature changes.

·         Acoustic Under-Layer

An attached cork underlayment isn’t always included. Sound absorption and cushion will be improved with the addition of an underlayment.

Installation of Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid flooring is specifically designed to be faster and easier to install than most other varieties of hard flooring.

The first step is to remove any existing improper floor coverings and ensure that the flooring is smooth and level. Skirtings may need to be removed to allow for expansion, unless matching edge trims are utilized.

The boards are set row by row, clicking together; they may require a light tap with a rubber mallet at times, being careful to leave expansion spaces around the perimeter as needed.

Following the installation of the hybrid floor, any edge trims at doorways or across larger rooms can be added. Finally, restore your skirting or edge trims around the perimeter.

Benefits of Hybrid Flooring

·         Waterproof

Hybrid vinyl planks are completely waterproof and can be utilized in both residential and commercial settings. These can be put in both above and below ground.

·         Appearance

With imaging technology, texture, and edges that simulate the actual look and feel of conventional hardwoods without the maintenance, these planks are eye-catching.

·         Durability

Hybrid vinyl planks have a strong core with a laminate top layer for further durability. Planks are dent, scratch, stain, and UV resistant thanks to these qualities, so they can withstand pets, children, and foot activity.

·         Acoustic

When you walk on your laminate or hardwood flooring, you may hear a hollow sound. You will have a very solid step on your flooring with the stiff core technology, which should generate less noise. The sound will be quite light if you use underlayment!

·         Comfort

Hybrid vinyl flooring has a solid core that is denser and thicker than regular vinyl flooring, making it more comfortable to walk on. You’ll get more cushion and sound absorption if you choose a hybrid floor with an attached underlayment or opt for an underlayment beneath your hybrid flooring.

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