Keep Your Pantry Neat and Organized with These Items

Keep Your Pantry Neat and Organized with These Items


The kitchen pantry is one of the common spaces at home that easily gets cluttered or hard to keep organized. You’ll know that your pantry isn’t that organized when it’s hard to find food that you bought from the grocery, some ingredient that you never knew you had, or some kitchen tools that you have no idea where it got hidden.

Since there are so many small items in the kitchen and pantry, keeping everything organized is really challenging even if you have cabinets, shelves, and other storage solutions. If this is your problem as well, here are some must-have items that would surely help a lot in keeping your kitchen and pantry organized.

Stackable Baskets

Stacking baskets for storage are a perfect addition to your kitchen. You can keep similar small items together in one basket and just stack several baskets together in a corner to maximize space. When all of your kitchen items are sorted, it would be a lot easier to find what you need – from small kitchen tools to ingredients, spices, and many more.

Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan is a perfect kitchen and pantry organizer for small items like spice bottles, condiments, and many more. It’s hard to see what items you have especially when you just arrange them in the cupboard. Some items at the back part usually gets forgotten until they just get spoiled. A lazy Susan helps you see everything that you have in stock by just spinning it. You could also save pantry space and even store more items when you place it in the corner part.

Saucepan and Lids Organizer

Rummaging through saucepans, pots, and lids can be a hassle especially when you just pile them up on the kitchen counter. You can keep your cooking wares well-arranged and easy to access by arranging them on an organizer. There are organizers that are designed specifically for pot lids and pans. Simply place it in the cabinet where you usually store your cooking ware and be amazed at how it keeps things really organized.

Food Containers

Food containers can also be used in keeping your fridge organized. You can sort food items in your fridge and store them in an easy-to-see way so you can easily find what you’re looking for and even monitor what foods you still have in stock. With a fridge that is properly arranged, you’ll have lesser food wasted and save on your groceries as well. Invest in a set of food containers in different sizes and improve the organization of your fridge.

Tiered Organizer

Lastly, a tiered organizer is a great addition to your kitchen cabinets or pantry. You can store items in different layers so you can clearly see what’s on the shelf. There would be nothing hidden at the back parts of the pantry when you have this kind of organizer in your kitchen.

With the help of some items, you can definitely organize your kitchen a lot better than before.