Industries Where It Is Important to Have Gas Detectors

Industries Where It Is Important to Have Gas Detectors


One of the first rule in owning an asset is to have it insured or to have it protected and maintained for reasons that whatever asset one possesses will eventually last long and in time produce its result or income. Establishments must have these special devices not only for the purposes of compliance but also for safety and security. Even though this is a very important thing to have, many people still do not know about this and where it is commonly used.

Depending on the environment and structure on where it is installed its functionality and calibration differs also. These special types of sensors commonly employ infrared and optical sensors to detect specific range of dangerous or noxious gasses in a structure or area.  When these sensors detect a specific chemical or gas, they are designed in such a way that they can automatically respond to a specific need such as leakage on explosive gas leaks or on some home systems it detects carbon monoxide exposure.

These are some of the most common areas where these detectors are used:

Firefighting Industry

In many cases fire prevention and fire fighting industries usually utilize this tool for inspection purposes. For example, when a structure would seek a permit from a local fire department to function and operate, the department must first inspect the area if it can pass a certain regulation on safety especially in the area of fireproofing. What they usually do is they inspect for leakages on certain gasses that could cause harm or start a fire around the area of the said structure. They usually use a mobile gas detector for these inspections.

Plants and Factories

Plants and manufacturing companies has to have these sensors installed on their processing facilities. Although they seek permit from local government for fire and safety hazard inspection, they still are mandated by law to install these sensors on their plants.

Given the large congestion of people in these workplaces plus the exposure to chemicals and other gasses, these is a huge possibility of accident, which is why these precautionary gadgets are installed in their factories. Furthermore gas detector calibration is also done semi-annually to make sure that the devices still work in their optimal capacity.


One of the scariest things to imagine is when a seafaring cargo vessel accidentally catches fire in the middle of their voyage in the sea. Such events are tragic and they are also not impossible to happen, there are many incidents that these accidents happen and one of the things that caused this was gas leakages in its machinery.

That is why all ships are also encouraged and are given a directive to install operational gas detectors in many areas in their vessels to maintain safety in their ship. Although modern seafaring vessels are now equipped with centralized safety systems it is never dangerous to install more than one pre-emptive safety equipment in one place.

Safety is always the main goal of these specialized detectors; it is always good to be prepared than to be caught off-guard when accidents happen.

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