Important Disciplines That Should Not Disappear in the 21stCentury

Important Disciplines That Should Not Disappear in the 21stCentury


The world as we know it to be has been drastically changing over the course of the last decade or so. What we have in this modern age of technology as bit a small peak into what the future would look like if it continues to be how it is. The foot of humanity has taken a giant step towards the bright future that it wants to claim and it has already reaped the benefits that it once only dreamt about a couple of centuries ago.

We have now fed as many people in the planet, which means that we have almost eradicated a significant portion of people in the world who are suffering from poverty and hunger. More people are now safe due to vaccinations and more are being saved through modern medicine. But even with all of the boon that the future has in store for us there are some aspects of our humanity that should never be neglected when we take the big leap into the future.

Science and Medicine

Man must never forget that the biggest motivation on his utility of the sciences is that he might be able to make the lives of his fellow easier and their burden bearable. It should never be that the pursuit of the medical sciences is to inflict pain on our fellow men.

The science and medicine are one of the key disciplines that brought us out of the dark ages, its growth and its development as a science should always be our companion. With the availability of the information in the internet many people have been twisting lies to plant distrust and misinformation towards the medical sciences, such behaviour should be disregarded as nuisance in order for humanity to move forward.

Arts and Humanities

One of the things that are very salient and essential to mankind is the ability to express his thoughts and emotions into something that is concrete or something symbolic, without such we would be trotting downhill towards our own demise. For this reason, the Arts and Humanities must never be neglected and never be dismissed as the mundane. The arts and humanities must also be kept alive in communities where it can be appreciated and scrutinized by its denizen. Meg Walters artwork in Australia is an example of such venture.

Business and Economics

Money is the lifeblood of any civilization. The ability to trade and make profit actually created in man the ability to explore other cultures and opened its doors to a wide range of ideas and beliefs. The discipline of business and economics paved the way for man to be more open and welcoming to others, even to strangers and even to those with different belief systems.

Thus, economics actually paved way for man to be united under the motivation of trade and income. The business sciences and its growth carved the way for mankind to be at peace and live harmoniously with others.

In the face of change we should never abandon our own humanity for the sake of a brighter future, because there would never be any future without us.

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