How You Can Be A More Effective Psychologist

How You Can Be A More Effective Psychologist


As a psychologist, you are aware that a lot of people have been suffering from anxiety, depression or other mental disorders. With various problems and stressors ranging from loss of a job, loss of a loved one, suffering from a serious illness, not being able to get over an addiction, etc.

Dealing with these problems alone can impede us to do our daily responsibilities. This is where a psychologist or other mental health professionals come in. This is where you would be able to carry out your sworn profession of helping people work through their problems.

Even if you have been practicing Psychology for a long time, there are still things you could do to improve and be a more effective Psychologist.

Attend professional development workshops

Workshops could help you learn more about your specialization and discipline. It is a continuous learning process and to be able to help your patients more, you need to be aware of the latest development in treating mental health.

Enrolling in professional development workshops for clinical psychologists could also help grow your network. You might be able to meet other psychologists who could refer patients to you who you could treat better or when they could not accommodate them anymore. You could even meet someone who could mentor you and “pass on the torch”.

Sharpen your memory

Talking to numerous patients might make the details of their lives intermixed with one another that when you are talking to them, you might have mistaken a patient’s childhood trauma with one another. As we grow older, our memory began to falter and as a Psychologist, you could not afford to let that happen. There are numerous ways you could do to sharpen your memory such as using mnemonic devices, meditating, playing brain games, etc.

Enhance communication skills

As a psychologist you also have to talk to your client, not just listen to them. What you tell them is very critical in their mental health and the reason they seek you out is for you to help them, not to add more to their distress, which is why a Psychologist also needs to be a good communicator.

Enhancing your communication skills could make you a more effective Psychologist and you could do that by being conscious of your body language, maintaining eye contact, engaging your listener and simplifying your words. As a mental health professional, your main purpose is to be understood by your patient. Your advice could help make them feel better and if they don’t understand what you are telling them, how they could get better?

Be more patient

You would have patients that you need to draw out or those who seem like they don’t welcome your help and would just answer your questions with a simple yes or no. This might be frustrating but you must not lose your patience. If you feel like you are losing your patience, practice empathy with your patient’s situation and focus on the bigger picture of you trying to help your patient feel better.

As a mental health professional, your duty to your patient is what’s important and you trying to improve in your discipline by following the above-mentioned tips would make you more effective.

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