How To Recruit A Worker For A Company

How To Recruit A Worker For A Company


With Australia’s rapid economic growth and development; the country is facing a boom. Indeed, good news for the job seekers who are endlessly trying to land a stable job. 

The economic growth has driven many industries to expand their operation. Thus, maximizing their profits. It is due to the economic growth, the lifestyle of the Australian population has improved. It means; people have money and are spending more on goods to satisfy their desires and gain more leisure time.

Higher incomes and better living standards then result in an increase in demand for goods and services. Therefore, organizations have to increase their production levels in order to meet the rise in consumer demand. Thus, it means more workers are required to carry out the operations more efficiently. Hence, it leads businesses to expand their human capital by recruiting more employees. 

Most of the companies occupied in their operation; outsource the process of finding and recruiting the right skilled worker from the pool of jobseekers. These recruiting agencies simplify and make the process easier by handling the task on behalf of the company. From the business point of view- it also saves more time otherwise spent in short listing, etc.

What is a recruiting agency?

The recruiting agencies are external firms that are supporting partners to businesses and companies. They work together to find the ideal candidate for the job vacancy of their client – employer.

How do the agencies work?

The employer of the company reaches out to a recruiting agency with a list of vacancies available in their firm. 

The agency then places the job advert in their networks. For example, if a construction company is looking out for laborers the recruiting agency would advertise the vacancy as building and construction jobs in Melbourne. Contact them to find out more. 

They would promote it in their local offline channel, on the online job portal website, and also on their social handles. More often, they would also approach the relevant candidates who have contacted them previously. 

Moving forward, upon receiving the curriculum vitae (CV) of the suitable candidates, the agency compiles the most fitting candidate resume- together and forwards it to the employer- the company. 

However, despite the recruiting process getting easier, there are some factors to look into. After all, outsourcing services has its own benefits and disadvantages. 

The advantages of using a recruitment agency:

Speedy process

As discussed above. A company would not have to struggle to find the ideal candidate going through a countless number of profiles. Moreover, the job advert through a recruiting agency reaches out to more people than doing it privately.

Quality and best-fit candidates

The recruiting agencies are experts in selecting the ideal candidate. Therefore, from a pool of skilled workers, they would reach out to you with the best. Hence, assuredly, you do not have to stress over the abilities, work quality, and professionalism of your employee.

The disadvantages of using a recruitment agency:

  • It has a higher cost to outsource the task.
  • An agency cannot ensure the cultural and ethical fit of the candidate.

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