How to Properly Take Care of Your Handbag

How to Properly Take Care of Your Handbag


We all want our everyday outfits to be perfect and one way of ensuring this is taking care of what we wear or carry. We know that clothes have certain specific methods of cleaning and washing depending on the material or the fabric. Shoes require careful storage; the same way makeup is. But how about handbags or purses? Take a look at the following tips to see how you can take care of your handbag.

Right Storage

When we say right storage, it is not just about having a separate section in your wardrobe or closet for the handbags. Gone are the days where we would just stuff our purse anywhere in the wardrobe until we need it again.

Now most people tend to have separate sections where they can store their purses without wrinkling it or damaging the leather. However, in order to keep it from sagging, you can keep it stuffed with a large clutch, a folded t-shirt or even with old newspapers. This would keep the bags from losing its shape or getting tears or wrinkles on the surface.

Keep the Packaging

Bags usually comes in a certain type of packaging. Sometimes with a box or sometimes with the dust bag. If you can keep these packages, they can be used as a cover against the dust when you are not using the bags.  Dust coverage will help to increase the durability of the leather and keep its lustra for longer.

If you do not have a package to keep the bags in, you can try storing them in a closed part in your closet instead of having them on an open shelf. As aesthetic and stylish as it is to keep your accessory on open display, durability of the bag matters more.

Use Clutches/ Pouches to Store Makeup

One of the easiest ways to ruin your bag is by spilling makeup in it. Either a cracked compact powder spilling everywhere or a lotion bottle spilling, this is a recipe for disaster. Most of these leave the insides stained and difficult to clean.

To avoid this, you can have all your cosmetics and grooming products inside a small makeup pouch or a clutch. This way, even if the makeup spills, it will not seep into the inner inning of the handbag. This will make it easier for you to transfer the makeup from one bag to another if you are changing bags from occasion to occasion. 

Use the Right Products

There are plenty of products that are specifically made for cleaning handbags. For example, the patent leather handbags care includes products for taking care of the leather, cleaning it as well as for waterproofing your bag. Instead of using your everyday washing powder or stuffing your bags into the washing machine with the rest of the clothes, stick to products that is specifically made for the purpose of cleaning and taking care of bags. These products are made for protecting the leather, the metals and other decorating details as well as the stiches on the bag.

From the day you buy   new bag, the way you treat it determine how it will turn out. So, make sure to take care of it in every aspect from cleaning to storage.

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