How to Have A Relaxing Weekend

Weekdays can get hectic and busy, and weekends provide the best time to relax. And a relaxed mind keeps you ready to take the upcoming week with confidence and very actively

Wake Up Early

Get up early in the morning, don’t try to sleep in just because it’s the weekend of course get your required eight hours of sleep but when you sleep in till the afternoon your body will be tired when you wake up and you will feel very lazy to go about the day. Feeling exhausted all the time therefore wake up early in the morning, this doesn’t mean you will have to wake before the sunrise just get up as the sun rises open up your curtain and windows breathe in the fresh air and listen to the birds chirping and let yourself absorb that energy.

Write A Journal

write down whatever you feel don’t belittle how you are feeling, write everything that you feel no matter how small or big it is. And write down the activities you are planning for the day maybe it is making and having breakfast, cleaning, or gardening. Anything, just write down what you plan to achieve. And check off the activities that you have completed at the end of the day. This kind of method helps with being more aware of yourself and gives you a feeling of accomplishment which makes you feel good.

Make Breakfast

Make a delicious breakfast for yourself, look up recipes online and try to make breakfast that suits yourself and serve breakfast in a beautifully decorated platter. You deserve to be treated well too. Usually on week days everyone is busy and don’t spend some time in making proper breakfast grabbing a granola bar or making something really quick and munching it out on the way or sometimes skip breakfast totally therefore use the week end to sit for a proper meal enjoying every bite.


Gardening is one of the activities that help you calm your mind being outdoors and spending time surrounded by green can bring tranquillity. You can mow your lawn with lawn mowers middle park and grow new plants and trees.

Read A Book

Reading a book takes you to a different world and destresses the mind and also helps in improving your intelligence.

Hanging Out with Friends

Spending time with your friends laughing at the most random things can be very therapeutic. Call your friends up and meet for lunch or dinner or you can even have a sleep over, invite your friends to your place and watch a fun movie over pizza.


Yoga known to bring peace and calmness to your mind and also improves flexibility, you can browse for some videos online and follow along

Art Gallery

If you are a person who is interested in art you might enjoy visiting an art gallery and immerse yourself in different pictures.

Plan A Trip with Family

The weekend can be a great time to bond, gather your family and plan a small trip.

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