How to Grow Your Motel on A Budget?

How to Grow Your Motel on A Budget?


Are you a motel owner that is looking for ways to build or revamp your motel so that your guests have a good stay, whilst you are also able to pay all bills and live on a budget? Read along and find out how.

Allow your guests the option of deliveries on stay

If you are a motel owner, you know that you are on a budget for most things. A quick way you could save a buck by also ensuring your guests are happy is by allowing the guests to order delivery services to their room.

You would also be able to add on a basic in-house menu for those who don’t want to order out or simply cut their expenses as well. These options could be simple but tasty and filling. Here are some options, all day breakfast brunch – this option is cost friendly but also ensures your guests will feel full. You could also have cereals and a meat option with rice to choose from.


Instead of air conditioners, you could invest in air coolers – they run on less electricity but also promise a cooling environment in the room.

You could also invest in wooden ceiling fan which is a cost-friendly option. This adds cooling to the room and also come into handy when there are cold seasons, as the fan temperature would be relatively warmer than using a cooler during winter times.

Allow visitors on day basis

You could earn more If you allow visitors to check in on day basis, many guests would come in for convenience, whilst stopping on car journeys and simply to just get out of their home for a little chill on budget.

This way you will attract more customers, and be able to grow your business whilst remaining as a motel.

Host networking events

You could host networking events for guests around the vicinity, this could be a bring your drinks and food event – where the guests bring in food but the motel hosts the venue for a small fee. The events could vary- business, friendly, and even motel to motel. You can totally be creative in this!

You could create a meeting event or hall space for these kind of day events. This would be great for people to socialize, network and also bring in more exposure to the Motel.

Invest in a hot tub & steam

The most important asset that a motel could have is the hot tub and steam room. You will be able to attract many guests that would either stay over or visit for the day. For a fee charged based on hours, you could easily grow in your daily cash flow and have the guests enjoy some relaxation time.

Hire university students looking for experience

You could save up and also hire students looking for hospitality experience. You could further train them and then have them on full time after their degree ends, this way you do not waste time training staff that aren’t reliant.

Simply fill out a contract stating what you expect and you will be able to save time and cost in the future.

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