How to Find Your Dream Career Based on Your Interests?

How to Find Your Dream Career Based on Your Interests?


Still don’t have an idea about your future? Then it is time to think of what you want to do. Whether you are about to go to college or even still in school having a couple more years to enter the field of work, it is still good to have an idea.

This does not mean you have to worry overly about what your future will hold and stress too much about a job. All you need to know is what are the areas that you are good in and what you love to learn more. Take a look at the following tips to see how you can do this.

What are your Strengths

When it comes to choosing the best career option for you, or even best area of study for you, the first step to start is knowing your strengths in school. What are the subjects that you score more? Are you more into science and maths? Or do you prefer more of humanities such as art, drama or literature? Is there a club or society in school that you excel at when participating?

Like debating or student council or the school newspaper? Think of what you are really good at. What about your skills that people always compliment? When they ask for your help, what skills of you they are looking for? Is it your writing skills? Or people’s skills? Identifying these strengths will help you move further in realising what your dream career will be.

What are Your Interests

Sometimes your strengths show you your interests. If you like reading and engaging with books and show more interest in literature your score well in it. If you like biology you will do well in science. But sometimes, you will have other interest areas that you did not get to explore yet or learn yet. For example, when you read about other famous people and think their job is cool, or when you hear something in news and think that is what I want to do – these are your interests too.

So, think of what are the areas of interests you have? Do you like to be the person reporting local news? Or writing about them? Or do you like to take care of people? Do you feel like you like saving and helping people? There are jobs that will allow you to do exactly these things.

Ask for Guidance

Make list of your areas of interest and ask a mentor. This can your parents, older siblings, teachers or even guidance counsellor. Especially your teachers and guidance counsellors are prepared to help you find the necessary resources that will push you in the right direction. If there is anyone in your family who is working in the same field that you like to work in, then lucky you, because you can ask them for further information.

Your mentors will help you in many ways from finding books that will interest you to helping you find the right learning program for you. So whether you want to know about becoming a teacher to young children or learn more on being a health services assistant, asking someone who has more experience is a good way to find the next direction.

Finding the right job is not as daunting as it sounds if you know the right thing to do. Sometimes you will have more than one interest and sometimes you will have interests that overlap with each other. Just remember what you know the best and what you love the best and you will be good to go.

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