How to Find the Job You Love?


To go on with life it is necessary to find ways to earn money, one’s career is very important in one’s life an and to the best of one’s ability it should be something that the person loves, choosing a career can be quite a task because this means that you would have to go on with this for quite some time and doing something that an individual does not like is only going to build stress and results in the person despising his life which is why one has to be very careful when picking a career.

For some people they might know where they want to go for example one who has finished medical school would want to pursue something to do with medicine or a person who has done engineering would want to pursue something in engineering, this is something that they would have decided and would have vested and crafted their path to the destination, not everyone has this case. Some may be really confused with regards to the direction they want to go. You may be someone who wants to quit the job you have been doing because you have found no interest or passion or you may be someone who has to find what you want to do.

What do you love?

This is the most important question you have to ask yourself, why don’t you like the job that you are doing, what makes you most excited, evaluate yourself. If you are finding it difficult find someone to talk to get some career advice, sometimes wat you might not know about yourself could come out when you are talking with someone.

Is there anything you enjoy doing?

You might have not realized but you would have found yourself enjoying certain things like cooking, stitching or coding or building stuff. If you have found out your specialty you can use this skill to help you earn money at the same time enjoy what you are doing. In some cases, people don’t like to be working under someone so they wish to start their own company.

Work towards it

It might not be an easy journey, but invest and work hard for what you love, if you are looking to start up a company you have to do some research about the market, talk to people who are in this industry and secure capital. Once everything is set you have to look for an office space Brisbane or Sydney.

Start off small, maybe baking or making certain stuff like stitching clothes is something you enjoy, you can initially do it online and once you have grown then you can take it a larger level and its very important to improve your skill find ways to be creative with whatever work you do, express yourself in the work you do.


Once you have found what you love do not give up, the first step is always difficult and you might think that you cannot go on but the secret to any success is consistency. Get help when and if you want and push through no matter how hard it may seem.

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