How to Become More Eco-Friendly


The world has arrived at a tipping scale with no return. Global warming and climate change have started showing its effects and after years of negligence people have finally realized the gravity of the situation.

The current state of affairs has escalated global warming through the recent forest fires, extreme weather patterns and rising sea levels. The world is on limited time and remedies have gradually started being implemented. The changes may not be able to completely stop climate change but it can hopefully delay it.

The endless consumption of plastic resulting in an irreversible amount of garbage has raised concern. The inability to dispose of these un-biodegradable items has made people now question the ways it can be reused instead.

The concept of “Reduce, Recycle, Reuse” has given a new perspective to converting items you would normally throw away to functioning household items. Below are a few ways single use products can be converted or invested in to reduce constant usage.


The consumption of plastic straws has been at an all-time high and is easily the best example of single use plastic. Although there has been a switch to paper straws as a way to cut down the use of plastic, paper straws may not be sustainable in the long term.

In order to manufacture paper items trees, need to be cut adding to the already growing problem of the high carbon footprint. However, investing in silicone straw sets made of non-toxic materials can be reused and are easy to carry. Commonly used for children it may be the solution to the straw problem.

Plastic bottles

By far the worst single use items to get rid of are plastic bottles. A creative way to reuse these bottles is by converting them into a vertical garden. For homes that don’t have space to grow herbs or small plants this method can be your solution. Make a hole in the middle, fill it with soil and hang them vertically on a wall, it is space saving and ecofriendly.


Paint old jam jars or hang them with lights, converting them into cosy decorations. Or else reuse them to store other materials. Mason jars can also be used to serve cold beverages in a creative and fun way.

Re-stitching old clothes

All those old clothes that you rather throw can be stitched into casual cloth bags. These bags can be used to carry groceries or with a little restyling can become quite the fashion statement. 

Bamboo cutlery

Much like the silicone straws using bamboo or reusable cutlery is now becoming a trend. These are not only handy in size but also cut back on plastic cutlery being used. Much like the rule of wearing masks mandatory, each person should carry with them a reusable straw and cutlery.

Recycling and reusing are easier than we realize. There are countless ways to convert boring single use products into highly functional items. All it requires is the passion to help reverse the cycle and a little bit of creativity alongside it.

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