How Can You Increase the Aesthetic of a Small Bathroom?

How Can You Increase the Aesthetic of a Small Bathroom?


One of the latest trends in interior design and decor is the aesthetic appeal. While looks have always, mattered when it comes to design, the preference to create spaces with good, calming ambience is becoming more and more popular.

This is not something that has to be limited to your living room spaces or even bedroom alone. Every room and space in your house deserve to look its best. Take a look at the following steps to see how you can increase the aesthetic of a small bathroom.

Increase the Floor Space

One of the easiest ways to add a better look to any small space is to declutter. This means there should be enough floor space – to move round freely and to make it look spacey. Instead of having storage cupboards on floor, you can opt for wall mounted storage shelves and other fixtures. This will also give you a more efficient and functional way of decorating your walls. It will be easier for you to clean the floors as well.

Use the Right Accessories

When you are using bathmats and shower curtains, it is necessary to pick the right ones. This means choosing one particular design style without cramming all the patterns and textures in your bathroom. If you want to have a more boho or cosy looking space, use statement curtains or mats that has captions or patterns. But if you are aiming for a modern, minimalist style, then stick to one or two neutral shade.

Shelves to Match

Increasing the floor space means your storage goes on walls. You can choose shelves, hooks, or hangers for this. Make sure once again to stick to one colour palette or one metal colour when you are choosing them. For example, if your shelves are metal and is gold, then choose the hooks and hangers in the same colour. Additionally, you can include magnetic mount organizers, baskets, and table top organisers to better sort your items.


Lighting is perhaps the most important element when it comes to creating the right ambience. No matter what space you are decorating, the lighting can change and set the mood. So fir small bathrooms, better lighting can give the illusion of space. Adding a mirror light or two and using reflective tiles are some ideas to lit up the place.


Want to make your bathroom even more cosy? Why not try a small plant or two? Small plants that come with cute pots are the perfect décor pieces for bathrooms that needs to look industrial or rustic. They also bring the added benefits like purifying the air, and creating a better atmosphere. Choose plants that do well in moist places and keep them in places that receives natural light.

Do Changes Where Necessary

Changing a bathroom is not always limited to DIY projects. Sometimes in order to create the look you want; you will have to do some major changes. If you really want to get it, then don’t hesitate to invest on some repairs and additions. Search for places that do bathroom renovations Melbourne will have places and people that you can consult and hire. Don’t push back these changes either or you will end up regretting for the delay.

Invest where necessary but remember to limit your design and décor ideas to one aesthetic. This will help you to narrow down your choices and have a better ambience in your bathroom space.

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