Great Hen Party Gift Ideas


For those unaware, a hen party is traditionally a party hosted for a woman who is about to get married, attended by woman only. That makes hen party a perfect day to gift any woman who is about to marry a heartfelt or meaningful gift that can be a part of her big day. However, deciding what kind of gift can be ideal for a hen party is confusing most of the time. So, to help you out, here are few hen party gift ideas that you can give a try. 


A scrapbook is a great gift idea if you want to enhance a deep sense of reminiscing old memories in the form of a gift. A scrapbook made into a timeline of her life story with you can surely squeeze a few tears out of the hen. Include her baby photos, pictures of you and her together and end it with a picture of her and her fiancé.

You can also get a little creative to add messages wishing her luck for her big day. Include wishes of her parents, siblings, or any other significant people in her life to make it extra special. This is a gift that takes a lot of effort more than money but is a more heartfelt and meaningful gift idea that can be treasured for the rest of the life.  

Gift vouchers 

By the time the Hen party rolls around, the hen will probably be in a big ball of stress planning for her big day. So, gift vouchers are good gift ideas if you feel they can help the bride-to-be with her preparations. Now, this can take two approaches, you can either gift her a voucher to distress which includes a voucher from a nail bar, spa, or beauty salon.

If not, you can help with her last-minute purchases, by gifting vouchers to buy wedding bridal shoes, lingerie, jewellery, hair accessories, and so on. If you are aware of her favourite stores or brands try to get vouchers from them, this will make your gift extra special. 

Customized hen gift bags 

This is a trending hen party gift idea that allows you to customize a bag with different gifts of your choice. So, if you have an idea of whatever the party host needs or her preferences, then customize a hen party gift bag with some unique gift pieces.

You have two options to do this either you can create your own customized hen party gift bag or nowadays some stores are specialized in customizing these bags. Such stores offer you the choice of selecting 5-10 gifts or more for one gift bag depending on your budget. However, considering the price range, with customization, this might be a little expensive but worth it. 

As is clear choosing hen party gifts calls for a little thinking as to what kind of purpose you want your gift to serve. Depending on the purpose it can be anything from meaningful gifts like scrapbooks, picture frames, customized gifts, or those that can be a part of the hen’s big day. So all it takes is figuring out a purpose and then the gift ideas fall into place naturally. 

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