Fun Things to Do on A Weekend


No matter how busy your life is, make sure to find time for yourself. Remember, we all have one life to live so we must try to enjoy every moment we have. Also, take care of yourself. Have healthy eating habits, exercise, sleep properly and do things that can allow yourself to improve and have fun.

Living a good life is mistaken for living extravagantly at times. While there’s a certain excitement on spending on experiences, there are a lot of things you can do without spending a lot of money. If you want to do something on a weekend, here are some tips.

Join Community Sports

One of the best ways to stay fit and healthy is to become more active. Do any physical activity or exercise that can help you burn extra calories. Join community sports, such as baseball, basketball or football.  Such a thing can be of help not only in your overall health and well-being, but in meeting new people, too.


To enrich your life, you must find a good hobby that you can do on weekends. If you want to create your own garment to save money or to make some extra money, you may start a hobby, such as sewing. If you want to sew clothing items, look for childrens sewing patterns that can help you get started.


Cooking is a life skill that every person must learn in order to survive. Worry not if you don’t have any idea how to prepare even the most basic meals as you can always rely on different food-related blogs online. Invest in cooking essentials that can help you cook healthy, delicious meals, like non-stick pan, saucepan, etc.

Do Volunteer Work

Consider doing volunteer work for your favourite charity. It the elderly people are close to your heart; you may volunteer as a caregiver every other weekend. Or if you’re an animal lover, you may help at an animal shelter by feeding stray dogs and cats, giving them a bath, and so on.

Start Writing

If you want to become a professional writer someday, you may want to start as early as now. Start by journaling your day in a diary or website. Use a free blogging platform like WordPress and it will serve as your online diary. If you want to take blogging seriously, get a hosting and domain website. Make sure that it is SEO optimized so you place your website on the first page of different search engine websites like Bing and Google.

Take Pictures

Do you have an eye for photography? Then take pictures on weekends. Invest in a good camera if you want to make it your bread and butter in the future. If you don’t have the budget for a point-and-shoot camera yet, you may use your smartphone for the meantime. Set up your own studio once you have the financial means.

There are more fun things you can do on a weekend. Just choose ones that are valuable.

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