Fun Things That People Believe About Coffee Drinkers and Their Personalities

Fun Things That People Believe About Coffee Drinkers and Their Personalities


When people say ‘you are what you eat’, it also applies to what you drink. This could not be any truer when you talk about a beverage like coffee. A lot of people say that the type of coffee one chooses may have a link to their personality. In other words, the coffee a person chooses could say quite a bit, or a lot about him/her.

Common Traits

Despite the type of coffee, a person is into, they all share some simple, obvious, common traits. The frequently noticed ones might be them being absolutely grumpy if they haven’t had their morning coffee, or the fact that they all have their go-to brands, as well as specific methods of preparation, some may even feel that their coffee comes out perfect only when prepared in a specific coffee maker!

Plain Black Coffee Drinkers

According to many experts, those who choose plain, black coffee with absolutely nothing added – no milk nor sugar, are the ones who prefer healthy drinking. This does not mean they do not enjoy their coffee. In fact, they indulge in it even more knowing that it is simply plain and pure, yet a satisfying cup. They like keeping things simple, even minimal. They are also believed to be somewhat quiet, even moody at times.

Cappuccino Cravers

It is believed that rich blends like cappuccino are often sought by classy, sophisticated individuals. They may be described as the type who seek the finer things in life. Style and class are often part of their identity.

They are usually organized, and can be perfectionists who are confident and know what to do in situations. They may be quite specific with their choices, especially when it comes to their coffee – for instance, they might be strong seekers of single origin coffee, a specific brand, and even stick to specific methods of preparation.

Latte Lovers

As you know, latte lovers are not the type who embrace the bitter element in coffee. Instead, they choose to add ‘a little something’ so they could relax and indulge in their favourite drink while in their comfort zone.

These are the ones who are willing to go out of the way to help those in need, and are generous, whether it comes to time or resources. However, they may tend to get carried away when it comes to setting their priorities, and so might tend to get disorganized as they deal with their affairs.

Instant Coffee Drinkers

Instant coffee drinkers are the cheerful, happy-go-lucky bunch of people, or so, as many experts have observed. They are usually not much into details, which can be both a good and bad thing. They are mostly the type who ‘just want to get things over with’ when it comes to matters in life.

While instant coffee often has a lot less caffeine than other types, it may not always be the only reason they pick this type. Convenience, quite obviously, might be a better reason why they are fans of instant coffee!