Fun Activities for Your Baby

Your kid means the world to you. Is there anything that you wouldn’t do to make your kid happy? Or is there anything that you wouldn’t do to make your kid look beautiful. Of course, not but let me tell you something you may not have considered. Something in which your kid is going to look cute in and also your kid is going to find interesting.

Hats and tail sets

Kids love to wear hat tails, turning their heads round and round they find it so interesting. These hats and tail costumes comes in varies shapes and designs. As kids love pets, these costumes take the shapes of their favourite pet such as the reindeer, koala, ladybug, baby chicken and bunny.

Even adults today dress up in varies hats and tails just for Halloween times. You can capture these lovely moments and dress your children in lil creatures costumes for kids. These pictures will one day be a priceless memory once your kid has grown into an adult.

Silicone teething toys and bangles

Chewing as you may already know is an excellent exercise for a person’s mouth. Your kid obviously doesn’t know this, however unknowingly, they love to chew these silicone teething toys.

Silicon bracelets and banglesis a fashionable item embraced by all girls and even mums. Today this has become a fun toy for kids as well.

Play dough

This is not just only for fun; this adds a lot of learning to your kids. It is a good warm up for your kids writing skills, because it strengthens their fingers.

Dress up role play

Just as your kids would love to wear hats and tails, they also love this kind of dressing up and role plays. Sometimes it is their kids love of their life, to be a doctor, wet, nurse, astronaut, chef or a thespian. It helps them to understand what the adult world comprises of, its roles and its interests. Let your kid’s imaginations run wild.

Drawing and painting

Drawing and painting is one of the best ways to experience the world in its sensory way while also developing self-expression. Learning about colours and mixing is a primary art that kids need to learn from their very young age.

Blocks, shape sorters and jigsaws

Spatial thinking, ordering, reasoning and recognizing various shapes, colours and sizes is developed through playing with jigsaws, blocks and shape sorters.

Doll and character play

Very much similar to dress up role plays but this is in the form of mini figures and dolls. This helps in expressing feelings and the power of imagination in both girls and boys. Basically, in social play.

Nature play

Taking your kids play space outdoors is one of the other best action that usually many mums forget to give their children. Health is number one here, and also it teaches your kid about the environment she lives in, it creates respect in him towards his environment.

Make sure that your kid has these activities at least once in his life. They all are priceless times that your kid is never going to regret any day any time even in his adult hood.

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