Five Ideas for a Friends’ Hangout

Five Ideas for a Friends’ Hangout

How can you spend some quality times with friends? We know movies and shopping dates do not always do the job because they don’t always allow the time to actually sit down and catch up with your friends who you have not seen in a while. Take a look at what is below to see five cheap but greatways you can spend time with your friends.

Potluck Dinner

Dinners are always a great way to spend time with your loved ones. But sometimes, you might be too busy to cook for an entire gang of people by yourself, so make it a potluck dinner and ask everyone to bring something for the party.

If cooking is not your thing, maybe you can use this time to learn to cook a new dish too. This is a cheap dinner idea that you can try with your friends and there won’t be much planning either. Everyone will bring something to the table (literally!) And you get to try new food and have a good time with your friends.


Another great dinning idea is to have a picnic. Once again, if you divide among yourself that you can bring, no one have to put too much effort. Unlike a dinner, picnic does not require you to make big fancy meals either. A couple of drinks and snacks will be the perfect meal ideas for a picnic. Picnics will also allow you time to relax and enjoy outside. So, if you are looking for a simple getaway for just one day, this is your chance. Just watch the city around you while hanging out with your favourite people.


Want to spend your time doing something productive? Then have a volunteer weekend. You can find a charity organisation closer to you and spend your time helping people. This will give you time to have a chat with your friends while also doing something good. Even if you do not have a charity organisation close to your area, you can still spend time by doing activities such as fundraising bake sale or a barbeque.

Board Games

Look, we all understand that sometimes we all want some peace and quiet and a session of secret and gossip sharing. So, if going out or even having fancy dinners is not your thing, then that is totally fine. Just have a board game night at one of your places. These nights do not have to have big meals and instead get some pizza and beer from a close store. But if you are not up for board games it is totally fine to just eat pizza and chat with your friends. Use this time to actually get to know parts of your friends that you missed during long work or college weeks.

Cafes and Bars

Finally, if you are up for doing a little bit of driving, then go to your local café or bar. You can look for fun events that are coming up in local diners and plan your hangout there. Look for trivia nights at a cafe close to you or a Melbourne CBD happy hour bar and get there with your friends. Enjoy a night of good snacks, meals and drinks while also having a relaxed chat with your clique.

Hanging out does not need to be expensive dinner and long vacations. Sometimes all you need is some quality times with your friends and good food.

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