Essential Things Needed in a Horse Stall

Essential Things Needed in a Horse Stall


Taking care of a horse is a lot different than taking care of other animals such as dogs or cats. They need their own stuff and require a different way to keep them healthy and happy aside from giving them good food and water.

If you’re still starting out with this hobby, you might be confused on what you need to have to care for your horse. First of all, your horse will need a stall or stable to live in. Aside from the pasture, a horse will be spending a significant time in the stable – feeding, drinking, sleeping, and even sheltering during extreme weather conditions. Give your horse the best care by having these essentials in its stable or stall.

Horse Bedding

First of all, your horse needs a comfortable spot where it could rest. The most popular choices for horse bedding are straw and hay but you could also go for wood shavings if you prefer. These materials vary in some features such as absorbency and consistency. However, when using wood shaving for the beddings, see to it that it didn’t come from trees with toxic parts.

Feeder and Bucket

Feeding and drinking are two of the important things your horse should have access to. Many horse caretakers do these tasks manually but if you want it to be more convenient and faster, there are also automated feeders and waterers you could install in the horse stall.

Simply load good quality feed into the feeder and it will release the right amount at the set feeding schedule. An automatic waterer also provides your horse clean drinking water all day long, saving you the hassle of checking and refilling the buckets each time. Just be sure to check these accessories daily to see if they are working perfectly.

Floor Mat

Another essential item you should have in the horse stall is a floor mat and grid. These two items make cleaning the stall a lot faster and easier since it allows the waste to flow directly into a drain. Aside from that, floor mats such as this stable rubber flooring are easy to wash and clean, cutting your cleaning time shorter. It also provides extra cushioning on the stable floor, providing more comfort while your horse is inside the stall.


During hot and humid days, it is important to keep the stable cool so your horses won’t feel fatigued. Installing overhead fans on the horse stable helps a lot in improving the air flow and at the same time, blow away the bad odours present in the stall. Installing fans in the ceiling is the safest way since it prevents the horses from reaching the electrical wires. Simply install some units depending on the size of your stable and your horses will feel cool even when the sun is scorching outside.

With all these essentials, you can be sure that your horse will be happy, healthy and comfortable in the horse stall.

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