DIY Stitching for Children’s Clothes

DIY Stitching for Children’s Clothes


Taking a look back at your childhood you may not be able to remember all the outfits you wore but there was a good chance they were either stitched by your mother or grandmother. Home stitched clothes were a prized possession when store bought clothes were not possible for everyone.

Clothes, towels, nappies you name it, your grandmother probably stitched it. However, with the changes in our lifestyles and not everyone having access to a sewing machine or better yet now knowing how to store, we have all resorted to store bought clothes even for kids. So, if you are trying to DIY your babies or toddlers’ clothes here are a few pointers that we think can help you get started.

Choosing an easy fabric

Let’s not get carried away. Yes, Pinterest does have cute outfits you would love to see your kids in, but it maybe a little too complicated for you to start on. Choose easy fabrics such as cotton that is easy to cut and is not as flimsy to handle.

You will be able to cut out the desired patterns without too much of a hassle and sew it down easily. If you are stitching clothes make sure the fabric you choose is comfortable for your child to wear too.

Don’t complicate the style

Till you get a hang of how to hold, cut and sew a fabric to a desired style there will be lots of trial and error, so therefore go easy on the style you choose. Start off with a skirt that will only need the right measurement for the waist and desired length.

By first stitching easier styles the practice will help you sew more detailed and delicate clothes. Stick with the basics and once you’ve mastered the skill you can move onto more intricate clothes such as dresses and pants.

Choosing a suitable pattern

This one is purely up to you to decide the kind of patterns you want to sew. There are hundreds of fabric design patterns to choose from online and at stores so the options are not limited. However, pick soothing, cool and comfortable colours if it is everyday kids clothes. It may even depend on what your child’s favourite colour is.

Sewing a size larger

Kids outgrow clothes fast; something that fit a few months ago may not fit now. Therefore, when you are sewing you can sew clothes a size or a few inches bigger. This not only ensures comfort but you will be able to use the clothes for a while longer. if the material is prone to shrinking the constant washing will be a problem. Therefore, for such instances too sew the clothes slightly bigger.

Pick happy colours

Colour is a huge factor to how an outfit is tied together. The same applies to children’s clothes. The colours and patterns can depend on the weather and level of warmth you desire. However bright colours will add spark and flair to your kids clothes and hopefully all those sewing mistakes can be hidden.

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