Different Types of Horse Grooming Tools

Different Types of Horse Grooming Tools

Horse grooming is an essential task for an equestrian and there are many brushes and tools used for grooming. There are also different products such as shampoo, conditioner, and detangling products that can be used on stubborn manes and tails. 

There are grooming kits that you can find on the market but if you make a checklist of all the essential items you need, you may be able to buy them separately if you want to keep up the quality of the items and you are looking for a specific brand. It is essential for a grooming kit to have different horse brushes, combs, conditioners, and a hoof pick.

There are different curry combs that you can look into as well. A rubber curry comb will stimulate the muscles of the horse and help to dislodge and loosen stubborn dirt and shedding hair. This is what you first use in the process of grooming. There are plastic curry brushes as well that has long teeth to take care of dried mud on a horse’s coat. It can also be used for the mane and tail as well.

A stiff bristled brush can be sued after currying to whisk the loosened dirt and hair off the horse. It can also be used for the feet as you can easily brush mud away from hoof walls. You can either go for natural bristles or synthetic bristles. The stiffness of the brush has to be determined according to the tolerance level of the horse as well. If your horse is quite sensitive, it is best to go for a medium-stiff brush. There are also soft brushes that can be used in the last stages of the grooming process which will remove fine dust from the horse’s coat and smooth it out.

A hoof pick is an essential tool to have in your grooming kit and they come in different styles as well. There are hoof picks that will come with brushes to flick dried dirt away from the hoof, there are hoof picks designed to sit comfortably in the hand of the user, etc. A hoof pick will ensure that mud, stones, manure, and other debris can be removed from the horse’s hoof. This will contribute to their health as well.

There are also shedding blades that are a tool that comes with metal teeth at the end. This helps in removing loose hair and dried mud. This is extensively used in the shedding season. But you need to know how to use this blade as it is quite abrasive. So it should be used in the fleshiest parts of the horse only. It can be sensitive if used on the legs or hips. You can use this blade at bath time as an alternative to a sweat scraper. You can conveniently keep all your tools in a grooming box which will make it easier to find all your items.

In addition to specialised horse grooming supplies, you need to have a soft towel at hand that you can use to wipe the eyes or nostrils of the horse. You also need rags at hand to wipe sweat or debris.

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