Determining the Possible Reasons for Your Low Sex Drive

Determining the Possible Reasons for Your Low Sex Drive


You and your partner’s sex life could not be hot all the time and that is normal. But if you are starting to get worried about it, you could find out the reason why you or your partner has a low sex drive and try to straighten it out as soon as possible.

When you don’t have energy for sex, it could not only affect your sex life, it could also affect other aspects of your life since there are numerous health benefits of a healthy sex life. Sex benefits us physiologically and mentally, so when we don’t have any sexual activity, we tend to be apathetic and disinterested in most things.

Determining the possible reasons for your low self-drive could be because of physical or emotional issues such as:

Drop in testosterone level

A lack of sexual drive could be attributed to low testosterone, the male sex hormone. When the testicles are not producing enough testosterone, the sexual energy is low. As men aged, their testosterone level drop and could fall by as much as 50% when they reach the age of 70.

There have been numerous treatments available to help boost the testosterone level such as using topical gels and patches, taking male libido supplements and testosterone replacement therapy.

Lack of sleep

When we lack sleep and we lie down in bed, our body automatically thinks it’s time for sleep and other physical activities that we usually do in bed is forgotten. When we are sleep deprived, we also do not have any energy and are lethargic.

Sex is like any other physical activities that we must be well rested enough before we partake in it. If you have insomnia and have trouble sleeping and you are relying in medications, let your doctor know if you have low sex drive because your sleeping pills might be the cause of it.

Sedentary lifestyle

A drop in sexual drive could also be because of an inactive lifestyle. When we lead a sedentary life, our body get used to staying still. Since sex involves a lot of moving, we already dismiss the idea because we get tired just by thinking of doing it. So, when you feel like you are lacking some action in the bedroom, get moving.

Get checked

When we lack the energy for sex or to do any physical activity, this might be because of a medical condition or like with sleeping pills, an after effect of medications. Diabetes, obesity, heart diseases and high blood pressure and cholesterol affects sexual drive.

Antidepressants also affect sex drive so informing your doctor about loss of libido should not be an embarrassing thing because if this is the case, they could perhaps prescribe a medication that could not affect your sexual drive.

Low libido is normal and almost everyone experiences this even once in their life. It is not a reason to be self-conscious and talking to your doctor and or partner about it helps because sometimes the cause of your low sexual drive is not physical but emotional or mental.

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