Cast Iron vs Vinyl: Which one?


Dumbbell workouts is an activity that many individuals use to develop muscle, build their body, and practice their strength. 

There are several varieties of dumbbells on the marketplace currently with a variety of materials, sizes and weights. Many people would prefer aesthetic-based or price, but it would be wise to make a choice based on knowing what is better for your workouts. Some of today’s most important dumbbell types are iron, plastic, and rubber.

In this article, we will discuss various dumbbell types and the pros and drawbacks of each of them, so that you have a better understanding of selecting the best dumbbell for your exercises.

Plastic/Vinyl Dumbbell

The plastic product is usually used only in a set weight dumbbell. Like other styles of weights, the fixed plastic dumbbell design often consists of two major components, the strength training on both sides and the handlebar in the centre.

The distinction is that the plastic dumbbells have a hard plastic shell made of concrete (mainly) or sand within. The rigid plastic shell is also made of long-lasting vinyl.

If you are looking for vinyl dumbbells Australia has many sport equipment stores and even some department stores you can check out. 


  • The cost of a plastic dumbbell is cheaper to obtain than most other dumbbell products.
  • The vinyl coat gives the dumbbell a sleek, vibrant and stylish look.
  • Don’t get rusty when you’re exposed to water.
  • Comfy grip when exercising.


  • Not long-lasting after a period of use.
  • The weight choice is limited. Currently available in weights of up to 10 lbs.
  • Don’t give yourself a sensation of weight.
  • Sufficient to be harmed by heat and sun

Iron Dumbbell

Cast iron is known to be the earliest and most common dumbbell product and is still commonly used both in the home and at gym.

Cast iron product is widely used to produce one-piece (set weight) dumbbell and weight plates of the variable dumbbell. It is believed to be the oldest and most common dumbbell product. The cast iron set weighted dumbbell has a short handlebar and two loads in the ends which are formed in a circular or hexagonal form, while the variable dumbbell consists of various cast iron weight plates which are placed on the handles by screws.

The set weight of the cast iron dumbbell arrives in a solid form, with each dumbbell providing a weight choice, while the variable dumbbell allows the addition or removal of the cast iron plate to change the weight.

Both of these cast iron dumbbells are made by the casting technique the raw material of the cast iron is heated and placed into the mould, and then the solid castings are made.


  • It comes in a variety of styles, designs, and weights that suit all your needs.
  • Be very flexible. You can use cast iron dumbbells for any workout.
  • Offer appropriate weight and give you a feeling of weight.
  • Very long-lasting. They could last a lifetime.
  • High-end view and smooth surface.
  • It’s a reasonable deal to buy.


  • Bare cast iron dumbbells can upset the floors and the facilities.
  • Often, if you’re reckless, it can affect you or others.

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