Careers in the Field of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Careers in the Field of Drug and Alcohol Abuse


You can find many career options in the field of treating and preventing drug abuse. It can be a difficult field to navigate but it can be incredibly fulfilling as well. You will be able to make a difference in the lives of many people.

To start a career in this field, you will need to follow a drugs and alcohol course  .There are many people who require treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. And to work in this field you need to have compassion for the individuals and skill at understanding them.  It can be a long road towards sobriety and there is a lot of work that both you and the patient will need to put in. When considering a course in this field, you have to look at careers that are available to you. There is a wide range of careers that span this field from those that work directly with the individuals to help them work with their addiction and also those who research cures when it comes to addiction. Once you understand that you want to work in this field, you can then consider your skills to assess where you can best help.

A common career in this field is the addiction counsellor. They will directly work with those that are dealing with addiction whether they are children, youth or adults. There are also other addictions that they will be dealing with such as gambling and self-harming behaviour. The counsellor will be able to work with the patient to identify the core problem and track their progress. They will also be able to work with the family to further help with the issue. There are also other treatment centres that the counsellor will be able to reach out to and connect with the patient. There should be a solid network that helps the patient throughout their journey and most of the time friends and family can offer great assistance.

When it comes to professionals who come into contact with patients during treatment, you will see addiction nurses, specialists in detoxification and psychiatric nurses. They will focus on treating the symptoms of addiction and providing treatment in the stage of withdrawal. Nurses will administer medication and will keep other health professionals informed of progress. There are also careers in drug and alcohol addiction education and research. These careers will not come into contact directly with patients. They are more concerned with finding a cure for the root problem.

There are also psychologists who will be able to help patients with mental struggles that come with treatment. Treating the issue can be an uphill road and there is a lot of support required. Medication will also be required to treat some of the issues that come with weaning off drugs and this is something that psychiatrists will do. A counsellor will be able to direct the patient to a psychologist or a psychiatrist depending on the severity of the addiction. Medication is not always used. The psychiatrist will be able to determine whether it is required.