Best 4WD Releases In 2021

SUVs and trucks are known to be off-road beasts and powerhouses for obvious reasons. Their versatility, toughness and rugged look have made them truly unique and have obtained a solid spot in every car lover’s heart. Although most SUVs and almost every truck are categorized as 4WDs, not all of them have the power and the ability to handle impact loads, which are unavoidable in off-road driving.

If you are an off-roader, you need to be careful when buying a 4WD because only a handful of them will have all the right tools and beef to handle most rough terrains. That is why there is tough competition among manufacturers to design the best 4WD every year and as an off-roader, you can benefit from this competition! If you are hoping to buy a new truck or want to upgrade your current 4WD, here are the best rides that you can find in 2021!

Range rover

It is a no-brainer that the Range rover makes the list of best 4WDs in 2021, although it tends to cater to the high-end market with its steep price tags. Even though this might not be the first choice when it comes to getting dirty with off-road driving, the new model definitely can keep up with a unique 4WD experience thanks to the manufacturer’s unique design approach. Newer models also enable you to use most 4×4 accessories in case you want to upgrade the off-road driving experience. If you are looking for both luxury and power, new 2021 range rover might be your best bet!

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep has been one of the most popular and reliable contenders in this genre for decades and the new Wrangler have only gotten way better than its predecessors. Based on the fourth generation wrangler, which came out in 2019, a new model has all the base grades that can attract any off-roader. This beast is powered by the Pentasar V6 and it can handle extreme power ranges quite comfortably. It is equipped with all the modern tech – such as the Tire Fill Alert, which helps you with sand driving – and the rugged look can make it stand out among all other 4WDs.

Toyota Landcruiser 300 series

Toyota has a unique spot in UTEs and when it comes to off-roading in Australia, Landcruiser has won many off-roaders over the years. The newer model of 300 series 4WD from Toyota is said to be powered by a diesel V6 and will replace the age-old V8. With its unmatched popularity, this new model will definitely pack a unique power to two a good amount of weight while holding its unique rugged look that every off-roader loves!

Mahindra Thar

The New 2021 model from Mahindra might look quite similar to the newer Jeep Wrangler from a distance but they both are unique in their own way, without a doubt. That is built on a ladder-frame chassis to make it much stronger against impact loads and it packs impressive stats, such as wading depth and grounding clearance. The price of this beast will be a key for it to become popular in 2021!

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