Basic Kitchen Equipment You’ll Need When Opening a Restaurant Business

Basic Kitchen Equipment You’ll Need When Opening a Restaurant Business


The food industry is one of the most in demand when it comes to businesses. Wherever you go, food businesses will always be a hit as long as it is managed and located at the right place. People will always find places to eat, making it a perfect opportunity for food businesses to gain more customers. Whether it is a simple café or a fine dining restaurant, there will always be people who would want to try what you have in store.

There are basically 3 essential equipment types that you need in a commercial kitchen – storage, preparation, and cooking equipment. When you have these 3, you can be sure that your kitchen will be up and running in no time. These are the basics you’ll need to prepare when opening your restaurant business.


First, you’ll need equipment where you could store and keep ingredients fresh and good. For perishable items such as meats and dairy products, keeping them in cold storage is the best way to maintain their freshness. Residential refrigerators are not enough if you plan to use them on your restaurant. You’ll need a commercial fridge to handle all of your stocks and preserve them. Aside from that, commercial refrigerators are more durable and can withstand rigorous usage compared to residential ones.

Ovens and Cooking Ranges

Since it is a restaurant business you’ll be opening, you will need equipment to cook good food for your customers. Commercial ovens and cooking ranges are one of the basic things you should invest in for your business start-up. There are plenty of styles and sizes to choose from, plus you can also have a variety of cooking methods in one. With this, you can have a lot of cooking done in just a single setting.

Ice Machine

You can’t risk your ice getting contaminated when you put them in your commercial refrigerator together with meats and other perishable products. It would greatly affect the quality and cleanliness of your ice. Since you’ll be serving a lot of refreshments, it is best to invest in good quality ice machine for that clean and great tasting ice.


Washing used utensils is really time consuming and also wasteful. You’ll be having so many used plates and utensils when you’re running a restaurant business and it won’t be efficient if the dishes are cleaned by hand. You’ll need a commercial dishwasher to wash and sanitize plenty of all the used utensils in a shorter amount of time with lesser effort.

Display Case

Food display cases are perfect for those who are offering desserts and bakes goods in their menu. Most of these cases are refrigerated, keeping desserts fresh and looking perfect. Aside from that, it also keeps your display clean by protecting it from dust and even insects that might contaminate the food.

Be sure to check all of these items if you have them all before starting up your restaurant business for smoother and more efficient operations.

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