All About Land Surveying


Acquiring a new home or commercial property isn’t easy. You have to be financially ready and be able to prepare all the requirements for owning a home or commercial property. In addition, it’s always recommended to avail an expert’s service before buying, such as land surveyor. There are many reasons why land surveying is important and if it sounds new to you, the following details may tickle your fancy.

What is Land Surveying?

Land surveying is the science, procedure, and profession of correctly locating and measuring terrestrial angles, distances and position of points between them. It uses geometry, mathematics and other types of sciences. The land surveyor will collect information through data analysis, study and research of legal documents, and questionnaires in the aid of designing and developing home and property perimeters.

Who is a Land Surveyor?

A professional land surveyor is the person responsible in making sure that the measurements of a home or commercial property are accuratein order to identify the boundaries. If you need one for your home renovation project you may want to take a look at civil surveying because they have a strong reputation for providing correct and dependable engineering survey right away.

What are the Different Types of Land Survey?

There are different types of land surveys, such as ALTA or American Land Title Association survey, construction survey, boundary survey, location survey, subdivision survey, site planning survey and topographic survey. ALTA is a broad type of survey that helps to give a lender or company title with the needed survey data and location to release an ALTA insurance policy. Boundary survey is employed to pinpoint the corners and perimeter lines of a land.

It includes computations and field research and so on. Construction survey involves monitoring structures that are placed on the buildings, walls, etc. Location survey is akin to boundary survey, which gives more details on the interior upgrade’s location. Site planning is used for designing commercial spaces, houses, and whatnot. Subdivision survey is usually used to partition a share of land into smaller estates or lots. Topographic survey is to find out both man-made and natural the geographic features of a share of land.

Advantages of Using Land Surveying Services

Before closing a real estate, deal or starting a commercial or home construction project, it’s vital to make use of land surveying services. They can come in handy in locating the accurate boundaries of a home, commercial space and other types of properties.

On top of that, they’re here to determine the right property value, appropriately divide up properties, make a topographical makeup of the area,support in buying property, construction, and many more. They know whether the land area where your home or commercial space you’re eyeing to buy is prone to flood or not. Also, they’re aware where to place a road or the best place to build a building.

If you’re up to buy a property or do extensions to add more space, you’ll need to hire a professional land surveyor so you’ll know if you’re violating any land regulations or not.

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