Activities to do with Your Kids This Summer

Activities to do with Your Kids This Summer


Summer is always an exciting and fun time to everyone irrespective of age. People step outside and enjoy the great outdoors, go swimming, kids play around, play sports, host carnivals and dinner parties; it’s all so merry. In the midst of this, it could be quite a challenge to keep your kids occupied during the entirety of summer. So here are some fun activities you could do.

Have a street party

Street parties are a great way to get your kids involved with the other kids in the neighbourhood and have a good time. A ‘potluck party’ would be ideal as all families will bring a dish each and share food among everyone. You could have various activity booths for kids such as a lemonade stand, bumper house, mini pool, face painting stall etc. It would be quite relaxing to meet and greet with amazing people, to get to know them better and have a fun atmosphere among the neighbours.

Picnic in the park

Having enough staying home all day? Pack a picnic basket and head down to the nearest park or beach. Picnics are a great way to enjoy the great outdoors as you can relax under a tree while your kids play in the park, ride bicycles, blow soap bubbles, feed the ducks and simply enjoy the environment. It’s quite easy to pack a picnic lunch. Some bread sticks, mashed potatoes, cheese, chicken, fruits and some cookies would do. Be sure to keep an eye on the kids while you relax and read a book or listen to some music.

Chores and homework

It is never too early of age to start with household chores. Although it is summer and it is a time to rest, it is good for children to get used to helping with household chores. Every day, you can set up to perform a task, such as sweeping, mopping, dusting or even helping to clean the dishes.

You can also teach them to cook. Try out new dishes, bake something new and let your kids experiment; of course, under supervision. Alongside that, get them to prepare for the new school term. Let them clean out their rooms, arrange new books, stationery, school drink bottles and keep everything ready for the new school year.


Summer is a great time to explore new places. Take a trip with the kids to visit new sites and experience new things. Explore your own city, take a stroll in the mini forest by the lake, take a dip in the lake, go down to the beach, spend the day at a theme park, and simply enjoy the vacation time with family.

Let your kids do a hike up a hill, take them to the family cabin or let them visit family living away. The new environments will have many learning opportunities for them. Going fishing with grandpa will teach them how to catch fish, grandma can teach them sewing and preparing great food dishes, their uncle can teach them all about vehicles too.

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