6 Tips to Get Rid of Dust in An Office

6 Tips to Get Rid of Dust in An Office


A lot of dust may be in your office. Don’t fret, the below points would let you tackle the debris. Read ahead.

Air Conditioning

Take a look at your air conditioning system. It may be old, which is why its filters are not doing a good job. They are not filtering the dust that is around. Fixing this issue is not hard. Giving the filters a wipe would help – they probably are just blocked.

If the office is large and has an HVAC system, cleaning the filters would be tougher. You can speak to the company that installed the system to do the cleaning.

If you have a lot to spend, you could get the ACs completely replaced. As you purchased it years ago, the air filtering technology on the market has improved. A lot of current one’s filter pathogens and pollen as well.

You could buy air purifiers too. They are stand-alone machines that filter air. They can be easily found online.


With many open windows, dust would be able to enter from the outside. Unfortunately, you may also have cracks in the walls or by the doors – they are letting dust and dirt get in without you even realizing. An inspector would have to examine the premises for cracks. The openings would be minute so fixing them won’t be costly.


Most offices have carpets. They make the spaces look better. However, they collect whatever you trample on them. Over time, they would be full of dust. In fact, they are one of the main causes of employees having their allergies act up.

You could go carpet free. The bare floors would liven the space. But you could hire professionals to deepclean the items for you. If you’re interested in carpet cleaning Geelong area has quite a few teams to work with.


To expand on the above point, you could hire a team to not only clean the carpets, but every inch of your office. They are professionals so they would do a much better job than the janitors in your building. As they’re pros at cleaning, they might find things like moulds that you didn’t know existed. Know that mould can make you sick.


Take a look at the knick-knacks that are lying around. Although they personalize the space, they are surfaces for dirt and debris to collect on. Some of them may have crevices and openings letting debris easily get inside – you don’t want these sorts of items in the work-place.

Final Thoughts

If there is a lot of dust in the office, your employees are getting affected. As you’re aware, this affects the quality of their work as well as the time they take to complete projects as they might take sick-leave. A lot of things can be done to tackle debris and dirt in the vicinity. The best would be to clean your HVAC system. You can purchase air purifiers to help filter what’s going around too.

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