6 Things to Consider When Buying Smoke Detectors

6 Things to Consider When Buying Smoke Detectors

There’s quite a lot to keep in mind when shopping for smoke detectors. We’ve discussed all the points to consider below. Keep reading.

Ease of Installation

Once you purchase the smoke detector, you’ll likely have to install it yourself. You shouldn’t pick an option that’s hard to install. Battery operated units are much easier to install than their wired counterparts. What’s great is that they’re more affordable too.

If you’re afraid of purchasing a smoke detector that would be hard to install, do research on the options available – reviews would tell you if they’ll be a headache or not.

Battery Life

Let’s say you purchased a detector that’s battery powered. Make note of how often it would drain power. Even if it requires a massive battery, it could be eating through energy as its insides are not very efficient.

Such a device wouldn’t be bad at its job; it’s just that it would be a headache for you to constantly change its batteries. And very large batteries can be costly, so you’d regularly have to spend.

Battery Alerts

There is a danger to owning battery powered units. Unless the detector warns you that its battery is about to die, you’d never know that it’s out of juice. Think about it – what would happen if something in the room catches on fire? You wouldn’t be alerted that you’re in danger. Thankfully, a lot of options these days have display that let you view the percentage left.

Silence Feature

Once smoke has been detected, the device would start beeping. But what happens once you’ve arrived at the premises? Unless there is a silencing feature that’s easy to work and reach, the detector might keep beeping.


Let’s talk about its alarm again. There’s no point purchasing a smoke detector if it won’t do a good job of warning, you that smoke is present. Depending on the unit you buy, it might have multiple alarm sounds. This is good, as you can find something that would be able to wake you up from across the house. For example, Clipsal smoke alarms offer this feature.

We mentioned wired options earlier. They’d produce the loudest alarms as wires would pump more electricity to them.


You probably spent a pretty penny on the smoke detector. You’d want it to last as long as possible; you can do this by purchasing one with an in-depth warranty. Depending on the manufacturer you’re buying from, the warranties present would differ. Larger names tend to offer the best coverage.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to purchasing a smoke detector, there is quite a lot to keep in mind. From the points mentioned, probably the most important is whether the device would make a noise loud enough to alert you. Decide between battery and wired options.

Battery-powered ones might regularly need attention, as you’d have to swap batteries out. As you can imagine, wired counterparts would have the loudest alarms due to the surge of power coming from your house’s electricity line.

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