5 Best Ways to Revitalize Your Skin During A Shower

5 Best Ways to Revitalize Your Skin During A Shower


Keeping in mind all factors during a shower and taking care of your skin helps cleanse and nourish your skin at the same time, which leads to the base of a healthy glow. Here are a few things you should consider:

Goodbye dead skin cells

It’s important to exfoliate your body using your favourite body scrub or even just a loofah in order to get rid of dead skin cells and help the growth of new ones. Scrubbing also washes away the impurities and reduces the chance of blemishes due to the lack of dead skin cells clogging in your pores. Having clean pores is the first step to hydrating your skin for a beautiful and healthy outcome.  Keep in mind, that exfoliation should be done at least twice or thrice a week and not more.

Not so hot

Keep in mind that having a shower in extremely hot water can damage your skin due to harsh temperature. Choose to have a bath in lukewarm water instead.  If the water is too hot, chances of your skin’s natural oils being stripped away are high. This in turn could lead to dry skin problems as well as irritation and rashes. 

Hello moisturizer

One of the best ways to moisturize your skin immediately after a shower is by making use of body butters. If you’re unsure how to get your hands on one, you can purchase body butters online. Having the habit of using body butter can be of enormous advantage in moisturizing your skin. Make sure to apply a decent amount and massage it all over your body until thoroughly absorbed for best results.  An added bonus is that it also helps lock in a delightful scent that lasts for long.

Lather away

We always automatically reach out to heavily scented and well fragranced soaps or shower gels. This isn’t necessarily the right way to go. Soaps with heavy scents are often infused with harsh chemicals that can affect the pH balance of your skin. And maintaining the right pH balance is an important factor for a healthier skin. So, make sure you find the right soap or even consult a dermatologist if need be, in order to get your hands on one that suits your skin best.

Pat PatPat

We know what you’re thinking. Who has the patience to pat the entire body dry? But if you’re looking for the best way to do it, patting is how it should be done. Especially, if you’ve used a body scrub and exfoliated your skin. Rubbing yourself dry and dragging the towel could cause irritation and rid your skin of all that necessary moisture. Always be gentle with your skin, even if it something as simple as patting yourself dry.

You don’t always need a million products to ensure your skin remains moisturized and in good condition. It’s often the simple things that hold a huge difference in making it better. All we need to do is have the decency to maintain such habits throughout.

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