5 Benefits of Reading and Storytelling to Children

5 Benefits of Reading and Storytelling to Children


Young children are similar to sponges, they absorb information from their surroundings. Storytelling or reading allows children to activate their minds. A child obtains the chance to learn the language they are hearing and gain understanding on lessons provided by the protagonists in the books. It is highly vital during this time as children in the current world are exposed to a variety of media, groups of people and family values.

By reading and storytelling parents can seek to instil virtues such as respect, empathy, love and compassion. Additionally, it is a unique method of helping children develop their own sense of understanding and encourages them to be respectful and positive toward people of diverse cultures. Here are 5 particularly beneficial attributes of reading and storytelling to children:

1.      Bonding

Children’s books provide an opportunity for the parents and children to spend quality time. It also provides parents the chance to explain and have discussions on important topics and provide an understanding on the important messages within the story. In addition, reading and storytelling can help in securing the relationship between the children and parents. Purchase some 2021 kids books and start reading to your kids.

2.      Improves Listening Skills and Attention Span

Reading and storytelling requires one to speak and one to listen. In this case the parents are telling the story and the children are listening attentively. Hearing a story from a book allows your child to comprehend the details of the story and requires paying attention. Over time when a child is listening to a story, they find interesting, you will find them engrossed in what is being spoken and sitting still. This assists children in developing an extended attention span and improves memory retention.

3.      Enhances Language Development

Language skills and vocabulary can be further developed through storytelling and reading. It helps children in developing basic language skills and vocabulary expansion. Studies have shown that verbal communication between parents and children tend to result in kids obtaining higher scores for language related tests. In addition, some books contain more descriptive details about a variety of subjects. For instance, specific or diverse names for animals, plants or flowers.

4.      Builds Creativity and Imagination

Reading and storytelling stimulates the imagination and creativity within a child. Stories and books provide a doorway for your children to step into a whole other world. This helps children to jump out of the norm and think outside the box. It provides children with multiple possible perspectives on how to solve issues and overcome problems. Moreover, creativity is vital in helping children identify complex ideas, express such ideas, develop likes or dislikes and cope with emotions.

5.      Improves Social Skills

Reading and storytelling encourages kids to listen to other people. Children learn to become more patient and allow others to speak. They also begin to understand that they are different from other people in terms of perception and interpretation. But, through storytelling children could learn to interact with others more effectively regardless of the differences.

Grab some interesting books and let your children enjoy the benefits of reading and storytelling!

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